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La Covid economic crisis future will unfortunately increase poverty, social inequalities, incivility and insecurity. Safety is one of those unpleasant concerns that we would like to avoid. No one is safe from burglaries, which is why it is important to put in place effective security equipment to feel good at home, protect family members and their property. In this article, discover some useful tips to improve your home security.

Install a home alarm

Installing an alarm is the first step to strengthen the security of your property. The device will emit a resounding noise in the event of an intrusion, which will also serve as a preventive measure. Indeed, the mere sight of the enclosure on the outside deters most burglars. Many types of alarms are available on the market. Some sophisticated models can be personalized according to your needs and habits, but also linked to a remote monitoring system, or even linked to your smartphone. The fact ofequip your house with an alarm at the cutting edge of technology remains the best way to reinforce its security.

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Install a remote monitoring system

Remote monitoring systems allow home security professionals to dispel doubt in the event of an intrusion in your absence. They generally consist of motion detectors, alarm devices, cameras, etc. connected to a remote control unit, supervised by professionals. By choosing this option, you will feel more secure as you will benefit from a 24/24 operational service for the protection of your property. Safety-trained agents are on standby at all times in the event of an alert. You will also be notified as soon as possible in the event of an intrusion, allowing you to contact the police directly.


Install an armored door

Installing an armored door is also a good way to increase your security, especially if you live in an apartment. Usually made of steel and / or aluminum sheets, armored doors are of real quality protection against break-ins. In addition, their installation also optimizes the performance of the thermal and sound insulation of the home. Armored doors are classified into 3 security categories, in descending order: BP3, A2P BP2 and A2P BP1.

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Strengthen windows

It is also essential to reinforce the windows of the building to best improve your safety. You have many solutions to do this. You can, for example, install burglar-resistant glazing, usually made up of several sheets of laminated glass. Burglar-resistant glazing is made for slow down burglary attempts. The models are classified by category, at least to the most resistant to shocks: P1 A, P2 A, P3 A, P4 A and P5 A. Their installation requires real know-how and the mastery of different techniques. It is best to call on professionals to take advantage of a neat, reliable and safe installation.

Don't neglect the locks

For optimal security, it is strongly recommended to replace old and dilapidated locks. Burglars will have no trouble hooking them. So replace the old locks with new, more secure models: surface-mounted locks, recessed locks, etc. Opt, for example, for A5P approved 2-point lock. No play is possible in locking the door with this type of lock. If you cannot replace your locks, you can reinforce existing ones. You can, for example, add a threshold bar to limit the gaps between the outside and the inside of the door, thus preventing opening with a crowbar.

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Secure your property at best by taking effective and appropriate measures.

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