Nuclear war against Iran?


I allow myself to post this alarming but serious news.

It is irrelevant, but it is better to warn than to cure, info or intoxication the future will tell us (Note on econology: information to be taken with tweezers therefore.)

“The preparation for a real war against Iran during which nuclear warheads would be used has entered its final phase. The partners of the coalition which includes the USA, Israel and Turkey are "in an advanced state of preparation". The military project has been approved by NATO, but the modalities of the Alliance's participation in air attacks are not yet known. The fact that the USA and Israel are preparing a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East is not on the anti-war and anti-globalization agenda…Learn more«

Michel Chossudovsy is the author of the international bestseller "The Globalization of Poverty", which has been published in 11 languages. He is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of Center for Research on Globalization ( ). He also collaborates withEncyclopaedia Britannica. His latest installment is titled "America's War on Terrorism" (Global Research, 2005).

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