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Green bank: what is it?

The Green Bank is a relatively recent concept, but which we hear more and more about. This expression refers to certain categories of financial organizations that campaign in favor of ecology. In this guide, explains what this concept really means. We also present some of the green banks present in France.

Green Bank: Definition of the concept

A green bank is a financial institution which does not have the sole objective of maximizing its profit at all costs. It is also intended to work for environmental preservation and respect for the planet. This momentum is observed as well in the way in which the company (the bank) works internally and in terms of the projects it finances.

The green bank is sometimes called ethical bank in a broader sense. In addition to acting in favor of the planet, ethical banks are also involved in the common good (citizens' satisfaction). This is sometimes done to the detriment of other lucrative activities which are thus excluded by their "non -ethical" nature.

There are currently some ethical or ecological banks in France, but the concept is more and more talked about. They present themselves as excellent alternatives to conventional banks, with a transparent mode of operation which attracts more and more customers. If you are looking for a Online Bank Pro which finances sustainable projects, you can turn to A green or ethical establishment. Their conditions of credit grant are most often very flexible to encourage initiatives in favor of the planet. These are mostly online financial organizations, also called neo-banks.

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The characteristics of a green bank

Three main characteristics make it possible to recognize a green bank and to a certain extent an ethical bank:

  • reducing its carbon footprint,
  • the financing of ecological or energy transition projects,
  • support for the local economy.

A green bank is a company that implements all the means to reduce your carbon footprint. This involves reducing the electricity consumption of its servers, reducing the waste of paper in its premises and the dematerialization of many services and services. The marketing of financial products manufactured with biodegradable materials like wood is also an action going in this direction. Some green financial institutions also make electric travel resources available to their agents to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Le financing of ecological transition projects is also one of the major characteristics of ethical and green financial organizations. They guide most of their money flow to financing needs relating to eco -responsible and virtuous initiatives. Several financial instruments intended for individuals, professionals and institutions allow them to achieve this objective: specific savings booklets, green bonds ...

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Green banks are also known to be real support for the local economy. They participate in the balance of the territory by offering their financial products (mainly credit) to local economic players. Very small businesses, microentreprises and local authorities can indeed benefit from the support of these establishments.

Ethical and green banks are also directly activated to their customers to sensitize them about the challenges of sustainable development. They do this through targeted and disseminated periodic campaigns via various modern communication channels.

What are the green banks present in France?

Currently in France, the neo-banks who have opted for an ecological and ethical policy are not numerous. There are currently less than a dozen:

  • Hélios, the French online bank which offers an innovative concept (funds submitted by customers are used to finance projects for eco -responsible initiatives, any polluting project being systematically excluded),
  • Onlyone, the neo-banque which offers personal support to its customers so that they adopt ecological gestures,
  • Bunq, the bank engaged in the fight against global warming,
  • Monabanq, the neo-banner of the Crédit Mutuel CIC group,
  • Green-Got, the new establishment which allows its customers to pay and be paid with a reduced ecological footprint.
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