Government takes 15 commitments on biofuels

The government and the actors of the agricultural oil and automotive world have adopted 15 measures to support the development of biofuels in France and achieve the recent goal of 5,75% incorporation into fuels from 2008. (...)

On the other hand, the participants considered that pure vegetable oils had limits, officially because of the technical and environmental constraints of the engines, as well as the health risks that may exist in the use for animal feed of the oilcake co-produced with these oils. .
In addition to the oil companies who perceive this sector with a very bad eye (and for good reason ...), the car manufacturers are unfavorable to the direct use of pure vegetable oils in the engines of automobile. According to them, these do not respond to specifications that allow diesel engines to meet the very low levels of pollutant emissions imposed by European standards.
However, effective January 1er January 2007 the marketing of these pure vegetable oils as agricultural fuel will be allowed, without however prejudging the position of the automotive sector on the guarantees offered. A decree will specify the conditions of production, marketing and use of these oils, based on the results of experiments conducted in France and abroad.
Regarding tax exemption **, the ministers wanted to stay at the level provided in the 2006 finance bill, which remains very favorable, according to Bercy.

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