GMO: Mutant mustard

Some doubted it was happening, but in the end, the genetic contamination occurred.

Monday 25 July 2005.


Sky News the announcement in a 25/07/05 article: “The first mutant super weed has been discovered in the UK - the result of a cross between genetically modified rapeseed and an ordinary weed”.

In an official study, researchers found a genetically modified version of "mustard" (a common weed) at one of the test sites a year after experiments with rapeseed made resistant to a herbicide by manipulation genetic.

The plant tested proved to be resistant to the herbicide in question and contained the gene that had been inserted into the transgenic rapeseed.

According to Sky News, this is the first known case of such an event and it contradicts previous scientific claims that 'mustard' was unlikely to cross with rapeseed.

Some conclude that if GM rapeseed was commercially exploited, the herbicide-resistant weed would spread.

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Emily Diamand, Friends of the Earth GMO Officer, said: "We see the real possibility that transgenic super weeds are being created, with serious consequences for farmers and the environment."

In an article published the 25 / 07 / 05 BBC News for its part, relativized the information, explaining that only one mutant plant had been discovered.

The Bayer firm has submitted to the European Commission two requests for cultivation of GM rapeseed.


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