Global pollution versus local pollution!

No more "mixing" would have the merit of considering the best remedies to face a future become scary!

Admittedly, the game is lost against global warming and all that remains to man is the duty to protect himself from it, to adapt to it better and to slow down a phenomenon that has become fatal ...

So to make the difference between "global" pollution and "local" pollution becomes very relevant in the context of today!

Global pollution and their remedies are first and foremost the business of global, maritime and air traffic: Ok!

And for them it is certain that the use of fossil fuels will be very important and effective for a long time in a context where the shortage is not as worrying as predicted during the previous century.

Local pollution

So no solutions that do not go through a drastic reduction of international traffic and even more intercontinental.

(And do not be wrong with the "electrical offer" which only moves pollution!)

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For their part, local pollution offers, at least in theory, more prospects for correcting trends ...

But above all we need to rethink the economy and its laws (max profits and other low-cost) ...

First and foremost, we must take the human seriously into account and make the latter a source of new macro and micro economic challenges ...

New analyzes of results are necessary, integrating the taking into account of the impact of the operation of each company on the Planet (levies, rejections), to decree its final net results and to come to an accounting appreciation of the

Then will come the time to rethink the structure of the city, to consider the challenge of better breathing, better eating, and to take (and complete) some famous formula, to build the city in the countryside and vice versa to implement the campaign in the city!

Strategies of "proximity" between producers and consumers, between home and work, can with even more relevance take a real boom!

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But, do not be mistaken, any activity that goes from artisanal to industrial is carrier of multiple pollutions, because becomes necessarily disruptive of fundamental local balances!

Then be wary even more of the economic issues as known today.

So in the current context, the criteria of "success", economic, social, ecological are they to rethink imperatively and completely as belonging to an indissociable whole! There may be new chances for more humanistic values ​​to appear than sacrosanct growth, profits, profitability and other credit rates, which today still constitute the alpha and omega of our human condition…

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Global pollution

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