Shale gas extraction, environmental and health risks

Shale Gas Review Board. Investigation and Public Hearing Report Quebec Report by the BAPE (Office of Public Hearings on the Environment) of 144 pages on the exploration and exploitation of shale gas and the potential environmental, health and social problems of its exploitation . Introduction Shale gas exploration and development projects [...]

Economic growth without environmental pollution?

Can developing countries be allowed to pollute as much as we, rich countries, have polluted? Before being partially engulfed by the flood of rain that flooded 75% of the Indonesian capital in early February, Jakarta had already had its share of bad news. One of them, which concerns air pollution, would make the flood almost enviable: according to [...]

World energy consumption

What is the global consumption of primary energy, its evolution since the beginning of the industrial era and the different sources of energy used by humanity? The answers to these 3 questions are in the graph below (click on the image to enlarge): Evolution of “commercial” energy consumption in millions of Tons of oil equivalent. Sources: Schilling & […]

The oil flow to 1998 2004

Oil flows and exchanges from 1973 to 2004. Keywords: map, energy, petroleum, petroleum, exports, imports, ships, quantities, provenance, pipeline, oil pipeline, Middle East, Europe, USA, America Here are some maps showing the evolution of oil flows over the past 30 years. For each card we will make some brief analyzes. More precise analyzes can be made by […]

The oil flow to 1973 1984

Oil flows and exchanges from 1973 to 2004. Keywords: map, energy, petroleum, oil tankers, flows, ships, quantities, provenance, pipeline, oil pipeline, Middle East, Europe, USA, America Here are some maps showing the evolution of oil flows of the last 30 years. For each card we will do some brief analyzes. More precise analyzes can be made by simple […]

Sustainable Development Week

Sustainable Development Week A way to encourage citizens, communities and businesses to change their habits to save the planet and the climate. The concept, which emerged from the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, seems to be better known to the general public: it is a question of combining economic growth, social progress and preservation of the environment. " In 2002, […]

The privatization of water

Keywords: water, blue gold, management, multinational, globalization, privatized, geostrategy, geopolitics. According to Riccardo Petrella "the current logic of relations between States and Multinationals reduces the first to a vast system of legal, bureaucratic and financial engineering put at the service of the commercial performance of the company. The State is no longer the political expression of interest […]

China: Chinese eco-cities

First eco-cities in China Confronted with the problems caused by the consequences of their strong growth, pollution and strong growth in energy demand, the Chinese authorities seem to have been seduced by their visit, in February 2005, to the Bedzed eco-village. The mixed company Shanghai Industrial Investment Corporation (SIIC) has signed a multi-billion […]

Jobs Sustainable Development

Is sustainable development a source of jobs in Europe? The strong development potential of renewable energies in Europe and more particularly in France should create many jobs. The only remaining doubt concerns the support that political decisions will bring to consolidate this development. Didier Mayer, president of the European Renewable Energy Council, said in an interview with […]

1939-2005 Oil Press Review

Keywords: press, article, archives, Mattéi affair, petroleum, oil tankers, gas,, oil war, collusion, inventions, alternatives Press review provided by a regular at gathering press clippings over a longer period 60 years old. Subject dealt with in the document a) Fossil resources b) The "business" of oil tankers c) The […]

Peace Through Water

The fight against desertification, hunger, thirst and exploitation of poor countries but rich in mineral and agricultural resources, begins with the creation of four inland seas from four land depressions. 1-channel and Kattara Sea southwest of El Alamein, ground depression of minus 432 below the level [...]

CITEPA: inventory of air pollutant emissions in France. sectoral sets and extensive analysis

Inventory of air pollutant emissions in France, sector series and extended analyzes. As part of the inventories carried out under the CORALIE program, this report presents an update of air emissions for metropolitan France according to the "SECTEN" format defined by CITEPA and aimed at restoring emissions according to [...]

CITEPA: inventory of emissions by large combustion plants in France

Inventory of large combustion plants in France according to the 88 / 609 / CEE and 2001 / 80 / CE directives - Presentation and summary of the results. This report provides a reminder of the definitions used in the Inventory of Large Combustion Plants, as well as detailed results by region, industry and fuel category. Download the file (a [...]

CITEPA: atmospheric pollution by department in France

Departmentalized inventory of air pollutant emissions in France by CITEPA. This report presents the departmental inventory of atmospheric emissions for metropolitan France. The programs are presented by department and region. They are also reported to the population and the area, in the form of tables and maps. This document therefore includes [...]


Global ecological nightmare if China adopts the American dream The earth will experience a real ecological nightmare by 2031 if all Chinese come to adopt the current American lifestyle of high consumption, warned Wednesday the American research institute Earth Policy Institute. The American dream, Chinese version, will inevitably lead to a planetary catastrophe […]

The French charter

The 2004 Environmental Charter is worded as follows: "The French people," Considering, "That natural resources and balances have conditioned the emergence of humanity; “That the future and the very existence of humanity are inseparable from its natural environment; “That the environment is the common heritage of human beings […]

Ranking of countries

A composite index defined by experts from the American universities of Yales and Columbia and published in the journal "Nature", establishes a world ranking of 146 nations according to their ability to sustainably preserve the environment. France only takes 36th place in this hit parade, far behind Finland. The Environmental Sustainability Index or ESI, […]

The megalopolis cities in 2025

36 megalopolises in 2025 Keywords: cities, population, future, urbanization, megalopolis, environment Today half of the Earth people live in megalopolises and, by 2050, they will be two thirds of the world population. Such is the alarming assessment drawn up by specialists in urbanization on the expansion of giant cities, during the forum urban world […]

Mauritania and oil

Mauritania facing the oil mirage Desert, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, populated by only 2,7 million inhabitants, Mauritania is part of the little-envied club of poor countries in great debt. For some years now, there has been hope in Mauritanians: oil fields have been discovered in territorial waters, about 90 kilometers from […]

the coyote

Coyote was walking on the road, he only thought of eating. It had been several days since he had swallowed anything, and he was so distressed by his sad fate that he was sobbing, his head buried in his arms. His stomach made noises like boiling water, and he had a headache. And suddenly, […]

Peak Oil

The “peak oil”, time bomb of the XXth century So, when is peak oil? This moment from which the world oil production will decrease, for lack of reserves, arrives but at a speed still unknown: "Impossible to answer with precision", recognizes Jean Laherrère, one of the members of the association Aspo (read [ ...]

Oil wars

We would like to point out to you the file of the History: The wars of the oil (seven.2003). A point of view of historian on these crises which shake our world since 150 years. It is in 1859, Titusville, Pennsylvania, that springs the first well for industrial purposes, intended for lighting. Success is immediate and speculation, the race to [...]

Nigeria and oil

With its 120 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. Independent since 1960, this Federal Republic gathers 36 States of the Territory and close to 200 ethnic groups. The country's economy was once based on surplus agriculture that allowed the export of food and relative prosperity. But in the 80 years, the [...]