Galey generator

Title of the patent (s) : Electromagnetic and static generator of electric current.
Virtually one of the only French patent in the field. Based on the use of intrinsic magnetic fields of magnets of high power.

Patent number: FR2312135 N ° 75 15840

Inventor: Galey Paul Marcel Lucien.

Date of removal: May 21, 1975

Date of Forfeiture: 29 Janvier 1988

For the anecdote: Mr Galey is still the applicant of 16 patents in various fields.

Our scientific opinion: Using the energy of magnets on conventional transformer type structures, made of sheets with high permeability coefficients and low remanence rate, or double-c type transformers. In this type of transformer we find the standard double-c type having a resonance frequency or use located around 50 to 500 hz. The latest experiments are made with double-c very thin sheets loaded among other silicon and other metals so as to obtain a zero or virtually no remanence rate they are usually transformers or cores having very good working frequencies around 20 khz to 100 khz. Their gain in operation is also excellent 90 / 95% efficiency.

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Purpose of the operations: To try to obtain on output coils of exit of gains in tension and intensity higher than those put in supply on the primary winding or coils of the structure. The very strong intrinsic field of the power magnet, used in the said structures, is substituted for the primary of a transformer. The primary windings serve as "blowers" on the structures to vary the flux of the magnet inducing the windings. of outputs. The operation is not in itself utopian, it can only disturb the principles of conservation of energy and a certain scientific world.

With regard to the Galey patent:
After investigation to find Mr Galey at the address indicated by the Inpi: unknown for more than 25 years nobody has heard, even the municipality contacted.

Attempting to reproduce an experiment of this type does not require a colossal sum very far from it. requirement is the collaboration of people with practice and good knowledge in electronics and one or very good engineers in the field of magnetism and electromagnetism. If by bad luck the experiment fails: and well loss of 300 to 400 euros; and the pleasure of having practiced a rewarding experience.On the other hand if it proves to be positive ?? .......

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The documents :

Read the FR2312135 patent

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