GDF gas jug?

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After Corsica without juice, France without gas? The federation CGT Mines-Energie swung yesterday alarmist press reports of a critical situation of Gaz de France stocks. "France no longer has a few days of inventory of gas available to meet the needs of users." If the union said failing to get its management "precise information," he says, however, that the company national, in trouble, asked, as the contracts allow, 200 its large industrial customers to fade, that is to say, to give up their supply.

Margin. But the union goes further. Struggling against the direction of the entire company facing the opening of the capital of the house, the CGT suggests that the level "abnormally low" inventories is linked to unwelcome financial transactions. "Either they do not want to stocks before winter, or they did them ... and sold in part to make the margin before the cold wave," says Yves Ledoux, Member of the Executive Board CGT-Energie federation. Clearly, the gas supply to the France shivering have been auctioned.

"Completely false, responded yesterday evening direction. Stocks are usually down to the end of winter. They were the highest at the beginning and were used to support the French market. "If the company refuses to give any information encrypted on inventory levels and thus to reverse the CGT threat, she says simply manage position "so to supply all customers until the winter period has passed," but at the cost of "exceptional measures."

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