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Storage: why is storage an ecological solution?

In Europe, no less than 10 million tonnes of furniture are thrown away every year. In the context of a move or the development of its interior, the search for a more ecological solution is essential. Thanks to the collective awareness linked to the preservation of the planet, more and more owners are turning to “self-storage” to preserve furniture in a safe place and avoid waste. The storage unit is presented as an ecological and tailor-made solution adapted to all needs!

Storage: tailor-made solutions

If the storage was initially mainly offered as part of a move or seasonal storage, today it is a revolutionary solution, completely tailor-made. It adapts to your storage needs to optimize your living space, while preserving the objects you want to store for reuse later. In addition to the flexibility of their offer, companies specializing in the rental of storage units now offer committed services, which take into account respect for the environment.

You can choose from various services that no longer necessarily involve the rental of a van or the use of polluting packaging materials.

The storage, a solution adapted to the storage of your goods

Thanks to the diversification of the offers of self-storage, the usefulness of a storage unit has grown considerably. Your goods will be stored in a fully secure warehouse for the duration of your choice. The warehouses are under video surveillance 24 hours a day, which guarantees optimal protection of personal effects.

Items can be stored in fire, weather, dust and pest resistant wooden crates. Your furniture and accessories will be protected from any risk of deterioration, regardless of the duration of storage.

self storage storage

An online reservation and home collection service

By using a storage company, you can make an inventory of items stored online. In order to reserve your storage space online, you will be billed only on the storage volume occupied by your property.

To lighten your tasks and reduce the ecological impact of storage, the furniture repository generally offers a movement service to collect (dismantle, pack and transport) the goods you want to store. It also offers the provision of professional packaging material that is more respectful of the environment.

Managing your business remotely

Once the items have been collected, you can find their online inventory, at any time. Insurance also covers goods, whether during transport or storage. When you want to recover the goods, if you have found a buyer to give them a second life, or if you simply want to bring them up to date, for example, you can dispose of them quickly (generally within 48 hours).

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Storage to give your furniture a second life

During an interior design or renovation, it is often necessary to separate from some furniture. And of course, you then have to buy new ones to replace them. An unnecessary waste that can be avoided in order to be more respectful of the planet. In fact, by keeping your furniture, you will limit the use of natural resources and reduce the pollution linked to the manufacture and transport of furniture at your scale.

Save your items for later

By opting for storage, you will be able to preserve your furniture and thus keep it for later. Whether you plan to recycle them or give them a makeover, you will be able to pick up your furniture at the ideal time. You will also be able to sell quietly to better enhance your property. By taking your time, you will get very good prices by selling them on specialized sites. Indeed, vintage and second-hand furniture are very popular at the moment. While waiting to find buyers who appreciate your furniture at its true value, you can put it away quietly in a storage unit and not rush.

The upcycling trend is coming to interior design

THEupcycling or direct recycling, is a trend that is also gaining ground in the field of interior design. Relooking your furniture is to give them a second life. It is about transforming furniture and decorative accessories that you no longer use as they are. You can transform crockery into lighting or a bedside table into a coffee table or else recycle pallets in furniture or decorative objects ! You will be able to benefit from creative and original solutions, but above all ecological. But for now, while waiting to find the inspiration or simply the time to do it, storage in a storage unit is the perfect solution to save you time and not in a rush.

storage boxes

Storage to protect the environment

France is really going through a real revolution. The relationship of households to the environment has changed a lot in recent years, as they become aware of the major problems of the planet, such as air and water pollution. Of course, the furniture sector is also concerned.

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First of all, care must be taken to minimize the environmental impacts of production. Ecological materials, societal consideration in manufacturing, local and sustainable consumption, as well as Objects eco-designed are now in the spotlight. To preserve the planet, it is essential today to promote the circular economy through recycling. It is recommended to reuse and repair objects, instead of throwing them away or selling them, in order to limit overconsumption. It also allows for a comfortable and stylish interior, while saving money.

Storage is in this sense an ecological solution that allows you to keep the objects that are important to you. Even if you're short on space, you don't have to part with your favorite furniture. In addition, vintage is currently in the spotlight and it is increasing in value!

Storage to favor eco-responsible decoration

Beyond a simple trend, eco-responsible decor is a real awareness. Interior decoration reduces the environmental impact with natural, recycled objects, always in a recuperative trend. The objects used to decorate his house are made with local materials. Their provenance is known and they have a history of their own. The eco-responsible decor optimizes the quality of its interior with healthy products and with a lower content of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and reduce your indoor pollution.

The manufacturing process and the transport of the objects are also important criteria. In limiting purchases and bulky waste, you will adopt a more responsible behavior.

Why is it better to store instead of selling?

To avoid the pollution generated by bulky waste which is then replaced by new items, storage is a very interesting alternative. You will also be able to save money and of course, have a sustainable approach.

Vintage is also at the heart of trends at the moment. Unlike modern items, vintage items gain value over time. You therefore have every interest in store them instead of selling them immediately. You can also give yourself time to think carefully (sell them? Reuse them? Give them a makeover?) Before parting with these objects that are particularly close to your heart.

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The vintage spirit for a designer interior that respects the environment

Instead of buying brand new furniture of uncertain provenance and manufacture, why not get your vintage furniture back? Vintage furniture has a significant ecological aspect. Indeed, it is a responsible way of value second-hand items and avoid waste.

Unlike furniture produced today, objects that have already been used have a real authenticity. Indeed, you certainly have real treasures at home. Furniture that is dated is often extremely rare, as it is no longer in production. In addition, thanks to their design, they allow you to have an original interior that is unlike any other.

A more economical alternative

By selling your furniture, you will earn money, but did you know that it is more advantageous to store it? Indeed, as we saw earlier, vintage objects gain value over time. In addition, you will not need to buy new if you need furniture later, you will just have to draw on your reserves stored in the storage.

Thanks to the custom storage, you will only pay for the volume occupied by the remaining items, once you have collected some furniture, which will reduce your expenses over time.

storage unit

Storage to maintain a particular relationship to objects

Selling or giving away parts that have been in our home for years is often a source of frustration. Indeed, these objects have become real fragments of our history. Thanks to their history and authenticity, old furniture is much more precious to us than new. If you decide to part with them without rushing since they are stored in a safe place, you will be able to carefully select the buyer to whom you will entrust them. You will have the pleasure of handing over your items to a new owner who truly appreciates them and knows the value of this used furniture.

Storage to limit overconsumption

The storage of objects constitutes an ecological alternative, because it makes it possible to limit la overconsumption. By selling or throwing things away, homeowners need to buy new furniture and fixtures to replace them. This process generates pollution and above all leads to overconsumption.

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