JM Jancovici's full please: are we all guilty in anticipation?

Here is an excerpt from the last book of Jean-Marc Jancovici, polytechnician and specialist in the energy field.

Certainly, the easy way out in the short term is not to worry about it; and to believe that it will all work out well in the end. But are we sure, in choosing this path, that the judgment of our descendants (these are our own children, grandchildren and their children, not undetermined future generations) will be very tender? Are we really so different from the French of 1936, who cared about going on vacation while Nazi Germany rearmed before their eyes?

Have a ton car for every adult of driving age, the democratic plane, cell phones and CDs galore, or even a little insulated accommodation, will it be paid at its fair price if the consequence must be dictatorship, war and sickness, even famine for ourselves or our descendants?

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These are harsh words and certainly shocking for some, but is it not a necessary method (far from being sufficient) in view of the lack of interest "by all" for the climate problem?

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