Fuel cell, the hydrogen fairy: the energy of tomorrow?

Hydrogen, an econological windfall?

This is the conclusion of the analysis proposed by Futura-Sciences in the 4-page article published recently.

It discusses, among other things, the problem of the means of production and storage of hydrogen, experiments (project of a fleet of 27 public transport vehicles distributed in 9 major European cities and vehicles already in service in Iceland - country at the forefront of clean energy and which should be more often taken as a model in this field… -)

The PaC (Fuel Cell - the operating principle of which has been known since 1839! -) is approached from a more than attractive aspect coupled with an explanation of its operation (using a small diagram easy to understand) .

A question remains unanswered: with what energy to produce this hydrogen (which does not exist "pure" in its natural state ...)

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