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Yum yum .... 3D printing of KFC chicken nuggets!

published: 21/07/20, 09:54
by Macro ... 906901.htm

Already I was only going to eat there in case of extreme necessity .... so there ...

Re: Yum yum ....

published: 21/07/20, 13:09
by Grelinette
Ben Macro, why are you going crazy? ... : Cheesy:

KFC will 3D print nuggets with chicken meat. It's the Nugget of the Future, as KFC announces!
Soon you will be able to choose in real time the shape of your nugget at the KFC checkout ... isn't that progress? :P

You can probably even alternate the printing layers:
"Please, I would like 10 printed nuggets, with chicken, with as layers: mayo, cheese, béchamel, chocolate and pistachios"

There will probably be a few hiccups at the start, but advanced technology will help fix it quickly:
"Tell me, I didn't taste the chicken taste in my chicken printed nuggets! ..."
"This is normal sir, we have no more chicken print cartridges so we put you some urban pigeon .."
"Ha, well, okay! ...." : Shock:

Re: Yum yum .... 3D printing of KFC chicken nuggets!

published: 21/07/20, 14:21
by Christophe
It's not so much the production method (an agro-food extruder has been around for a while and it's not very different from a 3D printer) as the "new" inputs that these new technologies will allow ...

The article talks about "organ" use ... but hey it's already widely used! : Cheesy:

To see the wing or the thigh again ... who had anticipated all this ...

Otherwise there is the Belgian fricadelle too: