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K8200: 3 of my engines run in the wrong direction

published: 31/12/13, 11:13
by beaverbranq
I finished editing my 3D K8200 printer : ... p-511.html

The computer and the printer communicate well but the XYZ engines work all 3 in the opposite direction, I checked my connections, they correspond to the assembly scheme. Anyone know which wires to reverse to keep the motors spinning in the right direction?

K8200 printer 3d

published: 31/12/13, 11:28
by beaverbranq
so new to forum that my image is not registered !!!!
I stick to it ....


published: 01/01/14, 09:24
by Forhorse
it depends if it is unipolar or bipolar motors, but from memory it seems to me that the principle is the same: it is necessary to reverse the order of the phases (as on a tri engine)
Basically connect A instead of B and vice versa.

reversing wires

published: 01/01/14, 18:08
by beaverbranq
Thank you Forhose!
I reversed two wires a bit random and it works, same thing for 2 other engines and everything rolls. I do not know much about motor. He takes out four sons, so two negatives and two positives .... chance may be a bit risky!