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Rotary machine Piston Ring Tri Lobique

published: 30/01/06, 15:08
by Pascal HA PHAM
Full title: Tri-Lobed Annular Piston Rotary Machine & ZZ concept with Fraisoidal Piston & "TVR" turbine engine by JC LEFEUVRE & Bipp RVCC turbine (P alettes Piloting twin turbine with R otor and C oaxial crankshaft and C ontrerotative)

very briefly, in the same growing site as yours I explained my invention new concept of rotating machine that converts the entire family of natural énérgie flow.
I then point out the location of a significant amount of information and references that I would disseminate / share + the widest possible : roll: .


it is hardly possible for me to export it to your FORUM but I agree to debate it here for those who are interested.
So before seeing the forum OLEOCENE ENERGY heading and open discussion on the tri-lobic annular piston rotary motor. : Arrow:


Edit by Christophe see 3 pages with its engine ... -2919.html ... -2920.html ... -2921.html

published: 30/01/06, 15:40
by nonoLeRobot
Good link is: ... -2919.html

Even easier to navigate.

Otherwise, I did not understand if you surunitaire proclaims a process or simply perform better (in the latter case I will move the subject).

published: 30/01/06, 15:47
by Christophe
Phew I thought for a moment that you wanted to sell us a .pdf : Cheesy:

You should have a technical dossier (doc or pdf with scheme) which has the engine?

I just know that bcp much has been already done in this area but qeue very few have been exploited.

Here is a list of non-conventional engines: ... els/BM2593

rotary engine piston ring tri lobique

published: 30/01/06, 15:59
by Pascal HA PHAM
thank you for the link, I'm terrible in there ....

I humbly confess that I do not know the definition of "surunitaire" ....

I posted instinctively reading other threads.
what's new in my machine concept is that it can digest any kind of fluid / fux natural speaking term pressure / flow rate of fluid and convert that energy ration flows into consumable energy ration (mechanical or electric).

In the + compared to current machines brief:
virtually no inertia therefore adapts well to power irregularity ... including exchange instentanément rotation direction if the pressure regime brutallrement passes regime depression ....
Started in load at an angular velocity v0
and then digests the comet tails (Gauss), ie strong wind speed (over 150km / H) or conversely extremely low pressures (of the order of ten milibars production V 6 3 watts for example).

So I trust you on the need to move or not the discussion ....

: roll:
Best regards.

published: 30/01/06, 21:38
by Rabbit
Nono thank you for the link.

I started reading this site and went through it forum.
It gives cold sweats, I think I'll invest ds
qq hectares of woods, a meadow and a horse.

C The horse is to laugh, but not the rest.
Whatever ...

rotary engine piston ring tri lobique

published: 02/02/06, 06:37
by Pascal HA PHAM
Ên meantime, without waiting or rather I finish my engine version in recycled water vapor (objective solar heating) with exhaust management (recup / condensation / re-injection into the micro boiler) .... so closed circuit because water is precious.

Last night I put pressure and it turns quite well in régualnt speed through the exhaust.
New in passing: the motor module is integrated completely in the boiler, the property protects sands use / configuration "DESERT" .... and that repairs to another well / future goal of instantaneous vaporization.

next step this week: the adjustment and parameter setting of the condenser unit and the rotary distributor to re-injection into the boiler. ...

Everything is now built ....
There's just !

I think someone is going early February to turn a piece of film ... it's not my cup of tea but if I want my stuff is better understood it's capital ....

"It is difficult to communicate, especially when you have something to say"

I stop tap on my keyboard, duty calls.
Best regards.


published: 14/02/06, 01:52
by Choban
A Pascal HA PHAM
Is there of detailed plans or explanations of your engine? Where to find them?
Thank you, sincerely, Choban

rotary engine piston ring tri lobique

published: 14/02/06, 05:45
by Pascal HA PHAM
There is actually doc everywhere in different forum, it comes from the fact that I am bad to put all this online and it is at the discretion of the helpers of my various contacts some nice people manage to insert the elements.
on the FORUM OLEOCENE, ENERGY section you have 3 of my latest patents online, a fourth will not be long ... + animation of the generic cycle.
On the FORUM HARDWARE.FR, SCIENCES section you have pictures of engines .... + another animation.

So forum there is still nothing but I do not ask better friends it will help me.
I have plan 3 premeière my generation prototypes to upload; actuellemnt nobody still has.

Transparency requires all is in my own name and under the vacable of "rotary engine lobique annular piston sorting".

Best regards.

Tri lobique

published: 15/02/06, 00:47
by Choban
Pascal HA PHAM seas your answer (you can tu, no?)
I think back in touch with you in une month (approximately), on my return! The subject interested me greatly (as all findings arising from natural phenomena. Hi and soon Choban!

rotary engine piston ring tri lobique

published: 16/02/06, 08:03
by Pascal HA PHAM
Hello Choban,
Naturally, we can tu!
Verily, if you are interested in my research and experiences on this new concept, I can send you my plans prototypes of first generation that already run well in both water and natural air "very low pressure" and photos .....
if you decide to throw you in the manufacture of a prototype "to see" or sure I can accompany you on the adventure in case of difficulty.
Anyway I am not a man buziness so I ask nothing more than to the interest and attention to this new engine of my invention.

Best regards.