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Stirling engine

published: 01/12/05, 00:19
I hope to be in the right section : Lol:
Here is a small engine that I found great and 100% ecolo on the following link click on the right of the page below "entertainment" to see the different editing. It's the Stirling engine. I know it's not new but I think it's great.
There is another site where we see small machines or reduced models running with this engine. I just love it ! :D

Edit by Christophe:

Here are 2 links with detailed plans: ... -3823.html ... -3822.html

published: 01/12/05, 14:58
by nonoLeRobot
Yes me too it makes me crazy the stirling engine like that, I would like to make a small model to ask on my radiator.

Otherwise, no, it's not the right place (it's not superunitary) => I moved the subject

published: 01/12/05, 14:59
by Christophe
I like the brass model :)

published: 01/12/05, 18:09
by nlc
Yes it's been a while since I know this engine, and when I discovered it I always told myself that I had to make one ...
But the days are too short :( :( :(

I remember that on some sites, the engines are so well done that they turn once in the hand, thanks to the heat of the body!

published: 01/12/05, 20:19
by dudu x2
I want the same on my car : Shock: which turns to the heat of the road. : Lol:

published: 01/12/05, 20:56
:D Glad that you share my opinion on the system so just for the fun of watching this realization is a marvel.

published: 07/12/05, 18:50
by DAN34
If you want to see larger STIRLING motors, there is a video on emule at this address:

File name: E m6 - Fr - Reportage Environment - The Stirling Engine - 7Mn.avi

published: 07/12/05, 18:57
by Christophe
Look out for the Emule links on the forum : the pointed file is free of rights? If it's E = M6 I do not think so :(

For the Stirling photo it is Conrad's. I wanted to buy it for Christmas but it went from 100 to 180 € in 2 years .... so it cooled me ... too bad :(

published: 07/12/05, 23:01
by aidiv
regarding it there is also the water pump that works with the stirling cycle

published: 07/12/05, 23:02
It is true that it is expensive.
I found an article in Science and Life No 1052 from Mai 2005 on a Variable Chamber Volume Engine. It is a process that like all others is old but the latest version of the MCE company seems to be well done. The advantage of this engine is the reduction of consumption of a third on gasoline vehicles, by varying the compression ratio.
Link to the manufacturer's website in English : Oops:
Link to the site of Saab who tested an engine on an abandoned 1990 car after 100000km in English : Oops:
Link to explanation of the system in French :D