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To death death, immortality soon? (Laurent Alexandre)

published: 01/02/13, 23:07
by Flytox

Re: Death to death ....

published: 02/02/13, 00:15
by Cuicui
Remarkable! Thank you Flytox !

published: 02/02/13, 08:20
by the middle
: Shock: oops!

published: 02/02/13, 09:07
by plasmanu
It's a total sham.

25 years of life expectancy in 1700 : Cheesy:

louis 14, he died in ...
ramses II, ...

The DNA does not replicate itself to infinity identically. He misses the ends.

Better to talk about lifestyle.

published: 02/02/13, 10:23
by the middle
The answer is here, the same day, I think:
Plasmanu, for life expectancy, we speak of average, no rare cases.

published: 02/02/13, 12:24
by elephant
Quite simply, little is enough to change life expectancy.

My aunt died in 1939 .... of a sore throat. His sister (my mother) died in 2009 at 92,5 years. The mere appearance of effective drugs against common conditions completely changes the statistical overview.

Let's not confuse an average with the biological possibility of reaching old age if we have not met a tram, cardiovascular disorders, etc.

published: 02/02/13, 13:25
by bidouille23


apart from that what to say .... it is better to laugh than to cry as say the expression ....

So who will live 1000 years, industrially developed countries or everyone?

live 1000 years to do what ??? consumed ???

We have therefore cleared customs of everything so we can treat our body like shit seen that they don't care the "technology" is there to correct the pull ... :) lol

So here is a beautiful presentation made by the consumer society and for consumers who have put in the head that dying is bad :) ...

So a tip before saying how we can do not to die, if we were wondering how we can do to "live" (if you are in the form of life;) ... but this no one will be able to prove it if you know what I mean ...)

1000 years to drink coca, watch the star ac, and go to taffer to survive in the jungle of society ??

it reminds me of a recent movie that, or everyone is eternal but from a moment you have a life counter it starts and it is no longer the money that is master of the world but the time of life (the license has point of life ...)

And a labyrinth of more courage has all those who will take the path ....

a yes I was going to forget, in terms of increasing life expectancy, it's strange but I'm hearing that cases of cancer in young children was becoming more common among young people 30 years too, our families all have I think had or are going to have at least one case of fatal cancer (personally I am already at 3 including two deaths before 70 years, plus 1 34 friend years who has already had two relapse) ....
But as it seems that life expectancy is increasing, I tell myself that our family probably has little luck ....;)
But hey it's cool are going to have nanobot in the body that will repair us .... this only say once you have taken the blue pill or the red pill, are you sure to know that you are still you ??? (knowing that at the beginning no one really knows each other) so before taking a pill whatever it is if I have sat down and we were doing ZAZEN, just like that just to see;) ....


published: 02/02/13, 14:25
by Christophe
I looked at the 1ere minute and already has a nice semantic crap when he says that when we get older 1 year is actually 9 months actually ...because life expectancy is fixed for everyone and given (or rather expected) to the year of birth.

This is the definition of life expectancy, point bar! Not to be confused with the average of the age of death, much lower (between 45 and 55 years at home and probably not more than 35 years worldwide ...)

See also these topics on the subject:

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and also: Science-and-Technology / brain-NBIC-consciousness-and-cognitive-facts-and-mysteries-t11261.html

For the rest of the video, it's rather convincing ... for people like me who are not at all in medical research ... then to take with tweezers anyway ...

published: 02/02/13, 15:09
by Cuicui
Christophe wrote: life expectancy is fixed for everyone and given (or rather expected) to the year of birth.
This is true in the current state of our DNA. These forecasts will change as we change genetically.

published: 02/02/13, 15:23
by Christophe
Not in its current definition because it is a statistical data.

When medicine progresses it is the life expectancy of future years that increases, not yours ...

A baby born in 2010 has a longer life expectancy than a baby born in 1980 but the 2 are set for life. They do not progress anymore during the baby's life!

After that it's a question of definition.

We prefer to talk about life expectancy than the average age of death ... it's less scary!