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The revelation of the pyramids

published: 07/12/12, 17:24
by gegyx
The revelation of the pyramids

Remarkable film on Kheops and the questions that cannot leave sincere people indifferent.

As a bonus, a full interview with the film's author and director

There might be 5 or 6 other opuses in suite…

If you have some time it is definitely worth it
(techniques, Pi, Phi, Standard meter, astronomical, geographic data, quartz compression ...)
There is something to deal with intelligently.

What does our architect Imhotep think?

For the "officials" (deniers of the science of builders : Cheesy: ), the coincidences and scientific curiosities noted would only be a succession of chances ...

Edit: YTube link maj:

published: 07/12/12, 18:46
by plasmanu
I really liked: permanent chance : Mrgreen:

published: 17/12/12, 23:11
by Cuicui
The film can be found here:

According to Anton Parks, Isis would have built the great pyramid about 12000 years ago (before the great flood due to the erratic passage of Venus near the earth)). A kind of antenna to capture the soul of Osiris (murdered by Seth) and make her reincarnate in the young Horus. It is also proof that a great civilization has left a high-precision building capable of withstanding earthquakes.

published: 18/12/12, 01:07
by Obamot
plasmanu wrote:I really liked: permanent chance : Mrgreen:

What do you mean?

Have the Egyptians already mastered surunity?
So these were the worst friends of life at theNodin. : Mrgreen: : Cheesy: hahahahahahaha

published: 18/12/12, 07:24
by plasmanu
There is a whale under gravel.
What a beautiful mystery.

From there to say that it was built 12000 years BC.
It really does not fit with the genetic heritage of the Incas: assuming that they are the same builders as in Egypt. (Same technique ...)

published: 18/12/12, 09:56
by Cuicui
plasmanu wrote:From there to say that it was built 12000 years BC. It really does not match the genetic heritage of the Incas
: Shock: Could you clarify?
In my opinion, neither the Egyptians nor the Incas possessed the technique of Cyclopean constructions with precision adjustment of the stones. They were content, for lack of anything better, to reuse the remains that "the gods" would have left them. The more recent the buildings, the worse they are, the humans not mastering the techniques of their predecessors.

published: 18/12/12, 11:45
by Christophe
And if we were talking more about the Sumerians ... who despite everything they have brought to humanity have only a fairly limited archaeological heritage I believe (for what I know in archeology: my teacher was Indiana Jones and I speak of the "great constructions ")

published: 18/12/12, 15:30
by Cuicui
[quote = "Christophe"] And if we spoke more about the Sumerians
According to our current knowledge, the Sumerians seem to be the oldest terrestrial civilization (before the Egyptians), and the closest to the "gods" after the great flood, these famous gods who would have taught them agriculture and metallurgy.
Anton Parks has done a huge job of deciphering to understand their strange agglutinative language, which seems to be at the origin of all terrestrial languages.
Many Sumerian archaeological remains were destroyed (voluntarily?) By the American army during the invasion of Iraq. A pyramid would have suffered the impact of several hundred missiles, we wonder why and what was the point of destroying these apparently harmless remains.

published: 18/12/12, 21:47
by bidouille23

I haven't watched the video yet but my brother told me about it too, and when he told me about the perfectly fit blocks and editing speed thing, it immediately reminded me of a report that I saw at least a year ago on the theory of a researcher archaeologist who said this roughly: "the blocks have never been transported from point A to point B, so not cut, but mold :) .

He even experimented with small blocks and obtained pretty solid blocks and quite similar to those existing in real size ...

In terms of time and precision everything is explained by this method ...

published: 19/12/12, 00:04
by Cuicui
bidouille23 wrote:"the blocks have never been transported from point A to point B, so not cut, but mold :) ..

This is indeed one of the hypotheses. There are also without others ...