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Astronomy picture of the starry sky in 360 degrees

published: 10/05/11, 15:25
by Alain G

Image of exceptional quality with zoom! :D

published: 10/05/11, 16:46
by Christophe
Interesting, especially with the constellations + wiki links.

But I find that the zoom is largely insufficient, for example the wiki photo of the Orion nebula is much more detailed: ... _18000.jpg

There is a similar function in Google Earth but I have not compared the 2 ...

published: 10/05/11, 16:59
by Alain G
Hi Christopher!

I had found the link after reading on Yahoo and here is the text:

An amateur captures the whole universe in a photo

A resident of Seattle, Washington, created a gigantic photograph of the sky visible at night, says Komo News.

Nick Risinger, his first experience in astrophotography, has traveled more than 60.000 miles (nearly 100.000 kilometers) in the western United States and Mexico. He took a total of 37.440 photos, creating a 5.000-megapixel photograph.

As we can read on its website, SkySurvey:

“Large in size and extent, [the photograph] represents a world far beyond that which lies beneath our feet, and reveals our Milky Way so familiar with rare clarity. When we observe the image, we are in fact observing the past, because the light that reaches us - after having crossed such distances - precedes civilization itself. ”

The year-long project started in March 2010, reports Wired magazine. "The genesis was the desire to educate people, to illuminate the hidden beauty that surrounds us," Risinger told the magazine. He and his brother borrowed six high-quality cameras to photograph the Nevada desert sky. Each night from June 2010, Nick Risinger and his retired father set up the six cameras on their tripods, taking 20 to 70 photos, according to Wired.

The challenge was daunting, as he says himself:

"As anyone who has ever tried to photograph the night sky will tell you, the stars are a formidable challenge. They move, and their light is very weak, which means taking long exposures and having a rotating and automated camera stand. ”

His project follows previous professional attempts to capture a global view of the sky, including the Digitized sky survey of the 1980s, whose images are used for example on Google Sky. The novelty of his project is the addition of a third (...) Read more on ... 10509.html

Anyway interesting since it was filmed on the ground with a motorized camera to follow the movement of the stars!

On the NASA website under the Hubbell telescope there is much more detail for those interested:

published: 10/05/11, 17:03
by Christophe
Ah yes for an amateur it's really good, he must have traveled a little :)

I am surprised that he could have had the entire southern hemisphere since ... Mexico which is still in the North?!?

On the result, it would be necessary to compare with Google Sky Map (I have not installed it on this PC) on the other hand I know that Sky Map has an interesting temporal aspect (we can make time move).

Wouldn't that be the same camera as the mega image of Obama's inauguration? See link here: ... t7269.html

published: 10/05/11, 17:17
by Alain G
Yes it looks like Obama's shot with adjustable focus! :D

A little more detail on the technique used on its site:

You can see his camera there!

published: 10/05/11, 22:13
by Capt_Maloche
It's beautifully!

it leaves me speechless anyway

published: 12/05/11, 20:47
by Flytox
To understand astronomy and to take your eyes off it.
You install this little marvel of software. It has plenty of ways to illustrate the movements of the stars ..... grandiose. 8) 8) 8) ... 33514.html


published: 11/07/11, 17:25
by Jules8965
I have always loved astronomy, I hope your software is good!

Modem modo: removal of the link of the nasty spammer

published: 11/07/11, 19:09
by Flytox
By cons your commercial link is zero ...