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electric car and transport, wire news

published: 17/06/16, 19:46
by moinsdewatt
Daimler announced an investment plan of 14 billion € on 2 years to come in electric vehicles.

Daimler gets electrified

June 14, 2016

With an investment of more than € 7 trillion over the next two years, luxury carmaker intends to add an electric version of model to all of icts families Including the subcompact Smart. Towards this end, the company Plans to Develop a specific vehicle architecture for battery-electric cars. And the Existing GLC model will be expanded by a new version of That combined the fuel cell and the plug-in hybrid approach.

These days, Daimler unveiled electromobility roadmap, proving que la carmaker is serios about Electrically driving.

On the occasion of organized TecDay Wednesday 8 June in Stuttgart, Mercedes has revealed its ambitions for clean vehicles. In the segment of the electric vehicle, the German group expects sales to six figures from 2020. In addition to our detailed articles to be published, a summary of the novelties presented during the day when we had the chance to attend.

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and it will invest € 500 million in a second battery plant Lithium-ion:


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published: 17/06/16, 19:51
by moinsdewatt
Volkswagen wants to reinvent itself by putting the throttle on electric

AFP 16 / 06 / 2016

The European auto giant Volkswagen said Thursday its battle plan for the future after his mistakes regarding diesel engines, a project that includes an offensive into the electric.

Hit hard by the revelation in September of rigging 11 million diesel vehicles, the German group with twelve brands (Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche Seat, Skoda, etc.) reviewed thoroughly its strategy.

The dieselgate was "a catalyst", explained Thursday the boss of the group Matthias Müller, called urgently in the autumn at the helm of the company. Even if since the outbreak of the scandal, sales have been kept afloat, Volkswagen's image has been tarnished, the group's centralized corporate culture has taken a big hit, as have its ambitions to dominate the global automotive market.

Exit therefore the "2018 strategy" of the predecessor of Mr. Müller, Martin Winterkorn. In Wolfsburg, (north), Volkswagen headquarters, Mr. Müller presented the battle plan for 2025, "the kick-off of the most important transformation process in Volkswagen history".

“Size is not a goal in itself,” said Müller. Under Mr. Winterkorn, Volkswagen saw its turnover swell to more than 200 billion euros. The group employs nearly 600.000 people.

But rather than sell more vehicles, the German juggernaut now wants to meet changing expectations. A change that requires a significant investment in the electric field in which the two worldwide is still down.

By 2025, Volkswagen wants to market over 30 all-electric vehicles, to 2 3 million units per year or up to 25% of its total sales, said Mr Müller.

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published: 17/06/16, 20:00
by moinsdewatt
A fleet of BMW i3 ......... for the police!

100 BMW i3 for LAPD

2016-06-10 - White, black and electric.
With film, the whole world knows what it's like an American police car, but we'll have to change those old pictures! The LAPD has indeed receive 100 BMW i3 for its various missions. It was a few months since the service was testing electrical, and we know that he had a Tesla and other test models, but with BMW he signed. And this is not a public relations exercise, because the LAPD has commissioned no less than 100 cars! They will not be used for prosecutions like you see in movies, but the police have many other menial tasks for which they will be perfect. And stylish!

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published: 17/06/16, 20:04
by moinsdewatt
The Chinese BYD electric buses arrived in France

2016-06-16 - Even in Paris.


Elisabeth Borne RATP and Mr. Ho Isbrand BYD

There had already been demonstrations, there had already been tested, and that the first customers. At the fair for public transport, the Chinese manufacturer BYD has announced the sale of electric buses to the company BEGREEN Yvelines and Nedroma group of Athis Mons. Better, BYD signed an agreement with RATP for a 6 month test on 21 and 147 lines. Illustration shown against Ms. Borne, CEO of RATP, and Mr. Ho, CEO of BYD Europe. The test should start in September, and if some do not like to see Chinese bus in France, they must first find that the domestic industry is not competitive. Chinese electric buses have more power, more autonomy, they will recharge faster, and they would also be more efficient than the French Bolloré electric buses.

The BYD electric buses are also beginning to build a substantial reputation for reliability since 10 000 have already been manufactured, and they rotate in over 150 cities in over 30 country. But the Chinese have invested more and earlier, it is normal that they receive today the fruits of their investments. Because between a French and a Chinese bus diesel electric bus, except to need more than 300 km range, the choice is quickly made. And not so dramatic for the French film industry, since after a first European production site in Hungary, BYD could create an industrial site in France, if orders are important. ... s_id=28429

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published: 18/06/16, 07:05
by Christophe
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published: 26/06/16, 14:05
by moinsdewatt
Tesla moved to Parly 2

25th June 2016

Le Chesnay yesterday. The electric car brand, which markets including the model X (top), opened its first concession to the mall that is frequented by some 15 million visitors per year. (LP / HG)

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published: 01/08/16, 17:33
by moinsdewatt
Three models of electric cars by Audi 2020

the 25 / 07 / 2016

After the Volkswagen scandal, Audi continues its rise in electric cars. The German manufacturer also wants to develop an autonomous car "robotized which will not even need a steering wheel or pedals" specifies Rupert Stadler, chairman of the board of Audi.

Audi plans to launch three models of electric cars by 2020 and this type of vehicle to represent 25 30% of these sales on the horizon of 2025 says Rupert Stadler, chief executive of the German manufacturer, in an interview published this weekend.

The rise of Audi in electric cars, reported the July 19 by Reuters, is part of a strategic turning point after the scandal on diesel engines which splashed its parent Volkswagen.
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published: 19/09/16, 20:52
by moinsdewatt
And if the autonomy of the Renault Zoe doubled?

Pierre Monnier Usine Nouvelle the 19 / 09 / 2016

Seen on the web Renault's electric city should facelift at the Paris motor. Often criticized, the autonomy of the Zoe is expected to double to 320km. To do so, the French manufacturer had designed a new electric motor 100%. In addition, LG in partnership with CEA have developed a new generation of electrodes for battery Zoe.

And if it were not possible to criticize the weak autonomy of the Renault Zoe? According BFM Business, the French manufacturer is about to present a new version of the electric city car at the Paris Motor Show in late September. Economic chain understands that the driving range will double.

Raise the main obstacle to buying

To do this, LG's teams and the CEA (Atomic Energy) have developed a new generation of electrodes. Although they can store the same energy capacity, size and weight have been reduced. These allow to install inside edge of the battery, thereby increasing the vehicle's autonomy.

But Renault would not have been content to see his battery for its new version of the Zoe. Engineers at Cléon (Upper Normandy) have designed a new electric motor 100% smaller and lighter.

Long singled out, the driving range would increase from 160 320 km km. With such autonomy, the Renault Zoe is expected to overcome its main obstacle to buying. But for the moment, Renault refused to confirm the information. We must therefore wait for the press conference scheduled on Thursday builder 29 September to find out, or not, the new electric city. ... it.N438722

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published: 29/09/16, 20:04
by moinsdewatt
Opel Ampera finally unveils e-his car 100 100% to% electric sports performance

Pierre Monnier Usine Nouvelle the 29 / 09 / 2016

It took patience to see land on European roads cousin of the Chevrolet US Bolt. Seven months after announcing Opel Ampera finally revealed the e-Paris Motor Show. But instead of a copy-paste of the Chevrolet, the German manufacturer can boast boosted the performance of the European model.


In January 2016, Chevrolet unveiled the Bolt at CES 2016. A month later, the boss of Opel, Karl-Thomas Neumann, announcement with Mary Barra, boss of General Motors, a European version of the electric city car, the Opel Ampera-e. Since then, nothing. It was not until the Paris Motor Show to finally see the car electric 100% of the German manufacturer.

From its announcement, the Ampera-e was announced as the car that "will break the barrier of high prices and low autonomy". However, Karl-Thomas Neumann still managed to surprise everyone with a range not of 400 km as expected, but over 500 km. Even the Renault Zoe saw double its autonomy is exceeded.

"One to two recharges per week" are sufficient

With such autonomy, the Opel boss boasted that the Ampera-e is capable of "connecting London to Paris". This is also what one of the employees of the German manufacturer did when leaving Piccadilly Circus to reach the Porte de Versailles where the motor show is held. And if that is not enough, a 30-minute charge will allow you to travel an additional 150 km.

Pam Fletcher, the brand's general manager of engineering, owns an Ampera-e herself: "I've been driving one for several months so I can guarantee you that I only charge it once or twice a day. week according to my use ".

But autonomy is not the only asset of the Ampera-e. Despite its engine 100% electric, which will arrive on the European market in 2017 offers impressive performance. It will increase from 0 50 to km / h in seconds and 3,2 80 120 to km / h in 4 and a half seconds.

To conclude, Karl-Thomas Neumann for his part assured that the Ampera-e "is not a concept, is not an ecological gadget, and is not a second car". According to him, "Opel is moving forward at top speed" and "is back to define the future". ... es.N443862

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published: 12/10/16, 18:21
by moinsdewatt
electric cars and autonomous vehicles in cities 2030

Usine Nouvelle the 11 / 10 / 2016

Electric vehicles could represent 60% of the fleet by 2030 in large cities with high incomes in the world, according to a study by the consulting firm McKinsey and Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). This study states that this trend is due to more stringent standards for emissions, lower technology costs and consumer enthusiasm.

Electric vehicles could represent 60% of the fleet by 2030 in large cities with high incomes in the world, according to a study by the consulting firm McKinsey and Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). More generally, the report says fuel consumption from vehicles expected to fall 75%.

Stricter standards on polluting emissions, lower technological costs and consumer enthusiasm for electric vehicles are strongly contributing to this trend. The cost of a "pack" of lithium-ion batteries has fallen 65% in five years, falling last year to 350 dollars (317 euros) per kilowatt / hour, against 1.000 dollars in 2010. It should fall to less than $ 100 in the next ten years, according to the study.

Increased 25% of trips due to autonomous vehicles

However, the growing popularity of electric vehicles is not without risk for the automotive industry, she adds. "The automotive industry faces a future that could differ significantly from its past and may need to consider moving from a model based on product ownership alone to that of a transport service provider," the study continues. . Service stations, for their part, should consider making their assets profitable by hosting, among other things, charging stations, distribution activities and fleet services.

The report adds that in some people with high income housing in suburbs, autonomous vehicle could significantly grow by 2030. These cities would experience an increase in movements conveyed to 25%, especially due to the development of autonomous vehicles. ... 30.N449902