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Can we make a master remote control quad 12v

published: 02/11/14, 23:30
by liloute93

My question may have seemed strange, but I wanted to know if it was possible to make a parental remote control for an electric quad with a 12V battery.

I know there are already quads that have this option but if it was not there, it is possible to make one either same or does it exist commercially.

I ask this to control the speed of my son when he is on it or to stop the quad if danger and this, from a distance.

Thank you for your answers.


published: 03/11/14, 11:43
by elephant
It is certainly very possible, but certainly not at the "toy" price. If you want to work on the speed, it would be better to "restrict" by acting on the control potentiometer.

On the other hand, unless you have a racing car (which makes you wonder why you leave it in the hands of your son), is it not better to educate?

1) bazaard this machine and buy him a bike


2) there is a whole range of protection

or even

3) you have to know how to take risks to know your limits: I went at least 3 times over my handlebars when I was a kid (and curiously, not when I was fooling)

published: 03/11/14, 12:19
by Leo Maximus
liloute93 wrote:... My question may perhaps seem strange but I wanted to know if it was possible to make a parental remote control for an electric quad with a 12V battery ...

See at Velleman:

There is what is needed in kits / modules from the infrared remote control, which has a few meters range, to the GSM remote control via the mobile phone, whose range is unlimited.

published: 03/11/14, 13:56
by Macro
Quad electric toy with a 12V battery ... The time you find and install a remote control your kid will master the machine ... The whole thing is to teach him to use it in a secure area (out of traffic, not on the edge of '' a ravine, a pond, a pool, a river)

It took 15 minutes for mine (which was 2 1/2 at the time) to get to hold on its electric booster without wheels ... 3 weeks later it was on a 50PW yamaha (well ok I had to take them rear shock absorbers to lower the machine by 7cm) ... The most difficult thing was to find a helmet and real shoes in his size ...

published: 03/11/14, 22:32
by Christophe
To cut it this should be fine: ... p-240.html

It is a radio relay controlled remotely.

You can imagine an assembly with the 2nd relay to slow it down ... by lowering the supply voltage of the motor.

It’s a Velleman product that Leo talked about