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Paris attacks of November 13 ... where are we going?

published: 13/11/15, 23:37
by Christophe ... is_1413313

Ras the ass to kill innocent people! : Evil: : Evil: : Evil: : Cry: : Cry: : Cry:

published: 14/11/15, 00:01
by sen-no-sen
60 dead according to the latest assessment ...

published: 14/11/15, 00:27
by Christophe

published: 14/11/15, 00:28
by Christophe
See also this article of October 2: ... r-27344932

published: 14/11/15, 00:39
by Christophe
The state of emergency declared in France: ... 33791.html

Closed border ... waaww ... if I didn't have my little one who slept with me alone I would do a little report on the Franco-Belgian border ...

published: 14/11/15, 01:17
by Christophe
Shortly before midnight, the Head of State announced that he had requested the support of military reinforcements for Paris and its region. The very moved President of the Republic spoke of "terrorist attacks", referred to "dozens of victims" and announced the holding of a council of ministers. This will declare a state of emergency - a first since 2005 - and the closure of our borders in order to prohibit the entry and exit of any individual. François Hollande did not hide his concern: "There is something to be afraid of! French French we have not finished the operations. The security forces are storming a place in Paris." It is impossible for the moment to know where this assault will be given. ... 533_23.php

published: 14/11/15, 01:26
by Christophe
No hasty amalgams but tonight I'm sharing 2 songs with you ...

published: 14/11/15, 01:29
by Christophe

published: 14/11/15, 01:40
by Christophe
A hundred dead in Bataclan alone according to: ... 35757.html

published: 14/11/15, 01:47
by Obamot
Alas : Evil: : Evil: : Evil:
No words to express how I feel tonight ... : Cry: :!: :?: :!:
Just a hunch I got >>>