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Everything you need to know about photovoltaics in France

published: 13/03/09, 15:17
by Solar-energic
Hello everyone,
here is a link to a PDF document or explained. ... ur-france/

Have a good day !

published: 13/03/09, 15:56
by carburologue
photovoltaics it's good or not, I mean relative to investment ???
because we talk about it but really see, nada ... then I ask.
thank you for your link.

published: 13/03/09, 17:34
by elephant
Well, when you see the number that were mounted in Wallonia last year (more than 3000 3,5 Facilities million)

Having said that, it must be said that not all houses are solarisable: I spent many hours last year "analyzing" streets: when you go through the successive filters of
- Good orientation
- Ad hoc roof
- No shadows
- Available budget
there remains great world! : Cry:

Everything you need to know about Photovoltaics

published: 13/03/09, 18:59
by bobono
For simplicity .

To qualify for the reduced rate of VAT to 5.5% installed power must be less than 3 kw peak.

In a disadvantaged region with 3 crete kw installed your output will be only 2000 annual kw .Solution install additional power later in 20% VAT.

Not to be imposed on income of annual production must be less than 3000 annual kw.

This is what I have come to understand finally.

published: 14/03/09, 18:46
by Solar-energic
Yes voila, this is ca.
There are disadvantages and advantages, like everything.


Photovoltaics is easy on the wallet, let me explain ...
If you sell the delivery (sale / installation and management of administrative records) averaged around € 19000 tax (VAT to 5.5%) for 3000Wc * (peak watts) of power. If the individual to whom I sell delivery is married and if he did not receive any in recent years 5 tax credit (most cases) then the state will make him a nice pitit chèkouze of € 8000 on its next year's declaration of its investment. Also at about the same time that particular begin collecting EDF revenue (on the resale of electricity); these revenues are annual and are included (for 3000 installed watt peak) between € 1800 and 2200 € by region. These revenues are net of taxes and will last 20ans (for contract with EDF on 20ans).
SO ......... example:

I am particular and klak 19000 € for 3KW. I am married and have not received a tax credit in recent years 5. My VAT is 5.5 8000% and I CI €
€ 19000 - (1an later) = € 8000 11000 €
Then I see every year 1900 € (on average) thus:
Time ROI balance: 11000 / 1900 6 years =
And after 14 remaining years of his contract he will receive EDF 1900 € per year.

So it's a good investment.
After actually everyone can not accommodate the photovoltaic. It is necessary that the roof is facing south (or south east / south west), there was no shade covered the roof (building, tree, etc ...) and that the surface is sufficient to accommodate the sensors.

* 3000Wc: The state is nice and contributes to the development of photovoltaics but there are still limits. Indeed if I install a particular over 3000 watt peak on its roof then it will no longer benefit from the reduced VAT 5.5% one hand but 19.6%, and secondly it will not be entitled also its tax credit ... necessarily the return on investment is much longer. In addition, for a person who borrows for example, self-financing will not apply (as EDF revenue will not be enough to cover the monthly payments of the loan)
So in terms of investment is not really interesting for a particular ... business however is another story !!!

published: 14/03/09, 18:55
by elephant
: Evil: blah, this is not the foot, in your sweet France! We gain much in Wallonia: up 10 KWc, no problems almost.

published: 24/01/10, 15:30
by Pifou
energic-sun wrote:... Is married and if he did not receive any tax credit in recent years 5 (most cases) then the state will make him a nice chèkouze pitit of € 8000 on his return for the year following its investment.

I think the plunge and install it on my roof ...

BUT: I have received a tax credit in September 2009 for installation in September 2008 a Poel wood ... About 500 euros tax credit ...

Is this to say that:
- I will not be right in my 2011 tax credit 8 000 euros (a little more in fact: 2 married and children); : Cry:

- OR will I just 8 000 - 500 7 500 =?

Honestly, without this tax credit, the investment seems too expensive option ...

I post besides other issues related to the Order that I signed, but the related post ...


published: 29/01/10, 17:33
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published: 29/01/10, 18:42
by elephant
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Not even the decency to wait until a regular : Evil:

published: 29/01/10, 18:57
by Christophe
It's good his account is disabled and I deleted his other messages ...

If it installs as well as he writes ...