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Solar PV rental: rent your roof for their profits

published: 09/03/09, 20:06
by Christophe
Another good capitalist invention: the rental of roofs for photovoltaic installations.

You have nothing to do except disfigure your roof for 20 years in exchange for a miserable compensation of 5.5 € /m².year in the best case !!! Frankly dismal ...

100m² of PV will bring you 550 € per year in the best of cases: you can always buy your underpants!

(Extract from Natural Habitat February 2009)

There are some who are really but really shit under the guise of false ecology ...

ps: the rates of 8,5 to 12% include the tax credit obviously in reality it is closer to 5%, and without any help in France it would be 1.7%! See the photovoltaic solar scam !