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Solar Questionnaire - I need your help!

published: 21/08/13, 11:12
by Nicolaso
Hello everybody,

German student, passionate about renewable energies, I developed a small questionnaire as part of my dissertation which questions your perception of photovoltaics, here in France.
It is quick to do and it would really be a great help to have your answers. And if you are interested in the results, I would be delighted to share them with you. Here is the link for the questionnaire:

and thank you in advance for your participation!

Good day to all :)

published: 21/08/13, 11:17
by Christophe
German student ???? But of course ... and the groundhog does she pack your solar panels?

You could have played it finer on this one:

Use: Sale of solar panel
Hobbies: Solar Energy, photovoltaic panels

You rot the net with your shitty methods!

So instead of trying to cheat, you could play the card of honesty and put a link to it forum right here:


published: 22/08/13, 11:53
by Nicolaso

After a private discussion with Christophe, moderator, he decided to re-open the subject in order to open the debate.
I thank him very much for his understanding and for our discussions.
Solar is so rotten by a number of unscrupulous businesses / sellers, scams and people swindled in forums are so numerous that we tend - and rightly so - to confuse "business" with "scammer", from the moment this one intervenes on a forum. Even if it has no commercial purpose…

Here in this case, I am a trainee who within his company and for his thesis realizes a questionnaire on this subject very exactly - and these reactions are perfectly interesting for my thesis - although unjustified with regard to the company which I work for. But I should have specified it in my first post, since I have nothing to hide, I made a mistake and I understand that it was perceived differently.

This questionnaire deals with the brakes and the psychological barriers or not of the French towards the sun. Their experiences, good or bad, their doubts, their fears, and what means that the sun does not take off - whereas in Germany, despite a purchase price almost 2 times lower than in France and less generous sunshine, the installed power is more than 10 times that of France!
The paradox is interesting, and shows that objectively, the problem is not that the purchase price has dropped, but is elsewhere.
Have these unscrupulous companies really destroyed the image of the sun? Is there still trust? What is the role of the media in all of this? Do aggressive sales and prospecting (see harassment) still have a future in the solar sector?
I look forward to the results.

In all this, and to explain myself, of course that Solorea helped me in its conception and also supports me in its dissemination in order to obtain the most possible results. These results which I will obtain will obviously serve him well, but will be made public to anyone who wants to receive the analysis!
You will notice that no logo or address of the Solorea website can be found on the questionnaire ...

Do not hesitate to debate on this subject, I will be happy to be able to collect your opinions, whether they are critical, suspicious, or encouraging.

Thank you and see you very soon and again thank you to Christophe for his understanding :-)

published: 22/08/13, 14:29
by Did67
Some elements:

a) we are talking about specific installations (generally 3 kWp) - because large "professional" projects are something else.

b) Yes, regulatory instability in France is a "permanent cold shower". Few have understood the "mechanism" behind the quarterly adjustment of tariffs based on the cost of panels (among other things).

Suddenly, after the shower of the brutal revision of the tariffs following the "bubble" that had been created by the tariff of 60 cents, these permanent revisions (normal and "logical") make doubt the individuals little informed of the veracity of the guaranteed rate for 20 years!

Few people know that the signed tariff is acquired!

Many believe it is the state - which is said to go bankrupt. Few people know that it is the CSPE, paid for by all!

c) A few mediatized "glitches" were added to this (Scheuten panels which risk catching fire).

d) You put the bankruptcies in series of installers following the exit of the bubble (including a significant part of opportunists whose only project was to make "golden balls" in a very short time).

But also serious people, sunk by the cessation of orders from destabilized individuals or now in doubt.

e) Everyone knows that it is a little more complicated. Yes, an inverter can burn out and it must be replaced (how do you know if such and such a brand, which guaranteed it, still exists, knowing that the best German panel producers have gone bankrupt! Cf Scheuten. are absent subscribers!).

That from time to time there is a faulty sign ...

f) And it is only on this unstable ground that the "telemarketing sharks" have settled, promising "ready-made" solutions, above all do not try to understand, we take care of everything, sign there! " finished to definitely cast doubt on the sector.

Today, how can an average individual (profile: owner of 55 years old, decent income, the children have left home, he has a little cash and a "sensitive green" profile and "wants to do something") act with confidence?

a) No serious "labeling" guarantees that it is not dealing with a "shark"!

In a liberal economy, any company can go bankrupt and all the commitments it has made will be in vain. This will be the case if a "big problem" concerns all the panels or all the inverters installed by a given company. The "guarantees" that it has granted - or even "sold" - will then be without any assistance. Paper. From the Russian loan. Monkey money.

There should be a guarantee fund as there is for car insurance. But who would pay?

b) simply how to find the serious installer? Who offers an installation of 3 kWp for 12 euros incl. Tax turnkey connected without a curb?

I read one or the other post of Solorea on this site. How can I know that it is not a nièmeresirgence of a shark which has just declared itself bankrupt and reappears under another name?

c) If I am still motivated, I go on the internet.

And there I come across:

1) sites with "ultra-ecologists" (what elsewhere I called the "green kmehrs") who show me that PV is not profitable, who talk to me about gray energy, that it is a scandal to subsidize this (without looking far, read all the wires on PV on this site) ... that the State would do better to put this money in insulation, in solar thermal, in geothermal energy or that do I know ...

So my doubt grows!

2) Shark sites, which obviously tell me the opposite. But if I started to search a little bit, I immediately see where the scam is. So I am not at all reassured by this blah!

3) The EdF ENR site. And I say to myself weird, the nuclear giant who explains to me that PV is profitable and who proposes to install that for me? Are they kidding me? As I heard about "green washing", I deduce that it is "greenwashing" and therefore that all that, it is a trap-simpleton!

In short, I am 55 years old, a house, with a roof facing south, no shadow, I am "sensitive", tell me how I do not to be fooled?

PS: French pricing methods, with the bonus of integrated signs, also play a destabilizing role. Because suddenly, I touch the waterproofing of the roof, so if poorly finished work, I have inflitrations. If I do not trust the company (which is the case given the above), I tell myself that there will be no one left when there is a problem. This risk is much less with the panels placed over the tiles, the German way. There, I tell myself that if it leaks at a fixing (lug), I go up on the roof with a little silicone and I regulate that myself! Or that the first roofer can do it if I am old enough to climb the roofs!


To interpret what I just wrote, know that:

a) I took part in a professional project of 600 m ² of PV (at 60 cents the kWh; hyper-profitable; but indeed, problems on the inverters - solved, a problem of mass, leakage current… - , two faulty panels, including one struck by lightning!)
b) I am therefore rather well informed
c) but on a personal basis, although interested, based on the above, I did not take action although interested.
d) I have obviously been drunk on the phone by people who start with a lie ("information campaign ..", "advice for saving energy" ... "which I send for a walk, by principle, with politeness but firmness!)
e) the company which made our professional installation, very serious and competent, went bankrupt not by incompetence, but because it saw too big, too fast, and carried out a very big building site for a German company which has goes ... bankrupt and has not paid; they stayed with the slate and therefore bankruptcy too!

In a private capacity, I am therefore quite in the situation described not to know who to trust, even if I am better informed than the average French (average costs, technical characteristics, taxation ...). I can therefore, if I devote the necessary time to it, fairly quickly outsmart a direct seller with the "shark" model. But that annoys me!

Hope you are sincere and that it will serve you!

published: 22/08/13, 14:52
by Did67
1) That's it. Time to post and I already see an ad in the banner of this site !!!

2) In the progfessional project mentioned, we opted for German panels, made in Germany (eh, the German "serieexu", in Alsace, that's something!)

Following the bankruptcies of German companies, given the integration system which seals, we decided to buy 5 or 10 panels to replace the two which are HS. That way, if the company goes bankrupt, we have our own stock!

This can be financed within the framework of a project which brings in around 50 euros per year.

This would "seal" the profitability of a private 3 kWp project which brings in 800 or 900!

published: 22/08/13, 15:15
by chatelot16
who to trust no one and do the job yourself!

big problem, the state with its current regulations requires to do by a professional to be entitled to the right price, and have the right to be connected

and as every time the state gives this kind of privilege to a category of professional, there are some who abuse their position!

so if there are so many crooks it is thanks to the state!

solution become professional either! alas it is not easy, it is not enough to be self entrepreneur

I am creating a SAS company with variable capital, to do studies and original manufacturing, photovoltaics could be part of the activity, but I am not looking for clients: I am looking for partners

thanks to the variable capital principle we can increase the number of partners at no cost, it would suffice that there is at least one partner with compulsory training for the company to be authorized to do this kind of installation, and all the partners will be able to do the same at home, even if they do all the work themselves

the company only serving to pool administrative work, the purchase of supplies at the best price ...

difference between being a customer, and being associated: having all the information from A to Z .... so even if this company must disappear, we know everything about its installation and the suppliers of important elements the warranty conditions ...

the installation of photovoltaics is not my priority, because I find that it is a rotten market, or an honest installer suffers from being put in the same bag as the crooks ... but with the method of looking rather for associated as customers, it is enough that a few people are interested for it to be valid

other area where there is an original work to do: solid roof resistant to hail and high winds like micro tornado as we see more and more

the craftsmen of the building are obliged to respect the standards in force, but it is almost impossible for them to use materials even better than the usual materials: they are therefore practically obliged to build tiled roofs which break with hail, and which fly away with the wind

it will take some architect in this society to justify different solutions

this future company will also be able to help craftsmen to leave the imposed framework

the photovoltaic panels are already in tempered glass having a resistance to hail very superior to ordinary tiles ... just a solid mounting method not counting only on the weight to not fly away

contact me by MP if you are interested

Re: Debate

published: 22/08/13, 17:10
by Hic
too expensive

advertising language that would make us believe that we would have to pay more to avoid the scam!

all this is framed to sell
a luxury product : Mrgreen:
Nicolaso ​​wrote:Hello,

After a private discussion with Christophe, moderator, he decided to re-open the subject in order to open the debate.
I thank him very much for his understanding and for our discussions.
Solar is so rotten by a number of unscrupulous businesses / sellers, scams and people swindled in forums are so numerous that we tend - and rightly so - to confuse "business" with "scammer", from the moment this one intervenes on a forum. Even if it has no commercial purpose

published: 22/08/13, 19:11
by Nicolaso
Hello everyone,

Thanks a lot for your answers. It goes exactly as I thought it would. Namely, solar energy, yes, but there are too many buts, too many uncertainties at all levels, too many risks since we no longer know who to contact. Lots of misinformation, false promises, disappointments, fears relayed by the media, bad experiences (from telephone harassment to the installation which leaks or worse which catches fire -> see Scheuten).
I don't know if there are other areas in France that are also catastrophic in terms of image!

In any case, there are solutions, that's for sure, confidence must be restored, but how?

But it's really interesting to see what the solar market is reduced to today - and such a shame when it is completely justified - that it is associated with bad things when at the bottom, is an environmental product!
In Germany for example, the population has a completely different image ... and solar panels, we see them everywhere !!

@ Hic: thank you for your comment, because it confirms the extreme suspicion of everyone in the forums. The term "business" alone turns readers off! Regarding Solorea: No, these are not luxury or more expensive products. But I am here to speak of my memory and not of Solorea, I repeat it !!

Thank you again for your precious help and see you very soon

published: 23/08/13, 21:41
by sen-no-sen
Hi Nicolaso ​​and welcome to the forum!

Little question: could you know what is the origin and the lifespan of the solar panels marketed by your company?

published: 23/08/13, 23:26
by swallowtail
Hello everyone

a thousand times agree with chatelot16

who to trust no one and do the job yourself!

so that's what i did because autonomy is above all to know how it works, how it is made, and therefore how it is repaired .......
so above all no editor or rather "liar" approved or labeled who raise the cost of 100% see +
You only have to question the pseudo technicians on the "renewable energy" stands in the salons, to realize their incompetence. volunteers from associations (apper, ti eole, etc.) or enthusiasts on forum (econology, practical yachting, etc.) generally know much more .....

So search, surf, compare, trade, calculate, manufacture, and then ..... live independently
everything can be learned ..... with the incomparable satisfaction of having do it yourself ... pOsnxZ.pdf