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Hydro stove premium?

published: 14/10/21, 14:14
by Marianas
Hello, it seems that there is no premium for hydro stoves. There are some for wood boilers, classic stoves but not hydro stoves.
If you have any info on that, I'm interested.
Also interested in your opinions and advice on hydro stoves (which we are considering installing in an apartment
of 4 rooms, 130 m2, 3m40 high ceiling.
Thank you very much : Lol:

Re: Premium hydro stove?

published: 14/10/21, 20:57
by phil59
https://leforumpoeleapellets.clicforum. ... riptif.htm.

The best for high ceilings would be to have a heated floor.

I recommend at least a small buffer tank, but to see according to the volume.

A hydro pellet stove must "turn" at a minimum, 3-4 in a row, stop as much, and resume, etc ...

It is better that it is slightly undersized than "on" ...

It is not a boiler. a "pellet" overconsumes enormous the first 15 minutes ....

I only have 3.2m under the ceiling ....