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ram pump source for my animals

published: 03/04/15, 11:14
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Hello everyone, I am trying to educate myself to make a small ram to supply water supplies to put goats and donkey.

This topic and full of info that's great.

An idea that I would like to confirm, I want to replace the air reserve by ca: ... 20f90c52ed

What do you think ?

Thank you


In fact I posted too fast, you speak in the first pages ...

I have more than to throw me, I'd do you a return;)

Edit moderation divided since ... t5268.html

published: 03/04/15, 13:29
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Welcome here :)

I do not remember what was said in the pages 1eres :)

Yes it could work if the set pressure of the inner membrane is not too high following the sudden pressure of your ram. If it is a low pressure such as mine, the air reserve is too low I think.

Uh I know if I'm clear ...

published: 03/04/15, 13:37
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Yes Yes. I understand, you think the spring is calibrated has 3 bars while he would rather pressure the kind 0.5 or 1 bar.

published: 03/04/15, 13:40
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Yes that's it but it all depends on the "pressure" of your ram ... if you have a fall of 30 m upstream of the ram, it will not be a problem I think :)

Because it requires that the air supply is sufficient ... I do not know if there are formulas to calculate, see the beginning of this topic can be?

published: 03/04/15, 13:41
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FYI, I should be a déniveler of 0.8 / 1 m length of pipe 6 / 7m

to raise about 4m

section 15 / 21, small flow of a source.

I would see to be put in parallel 2, the winter there is a lot of speed, but in the summer, it sometimes dries up completely.

Finally the winter not too much need, I already have gutters fill the tank.

But if I manage to do something reliable, I also would serve me for flushing toilets and washing machine.

published: 03/04/15, 13:45
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Another question time I am, I read I do not know or that the difference in height is not the only parameter, the length of the pipe is to take into account also, he did not need that it's too short.

I assume that a fall of one meter vertically, it does not fonctionnerais?

the aim would be to hand a ram at the overflow of my first tank to return the water later in a tank higher ground.

published: 03/04/15, 14:38
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fall 1m is very little ... but it's more than what I had and I could go back to 3 or 4 m (reread the beginning of the subject). So it's not terrible but it was enough ...

From the curves in: ... t5268.html

With 1m fall you can go up 7m (depending on the desired flow) obviously if you can increase the height of fall in 2m for example, it will be better;)


ps: there was an error in the legend on the right, I think it should read "debit" instead of "chute"

published: 03/04/15, 16:00
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yes I read all ca, ca must do, but after the info I've read right to left, the length of hose you also impacts performance.

published: 03/04/15, 16:21
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Yes its length, section and stiffness (a ram will not work well with hose upstream) rely heavily ...

There is an optimum length to calculate. Do not excessive length ..

published: 03/04/15, 19:22
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yes we need a ratio 6 and 8 I think, therefore 1 m elevation, 6 / 8 m long