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A la Carte FR3: Which is the most polluted place in your area?

published: 04/03/09, 06:00
by bham
That's it, I advise you deeply viewing or even downloading this video of the "à la carte" program broadcast on FR3 on Tuesday March 3, 2009, the theme of which was:
"What is the most polluted place? ... in your home." (duration: 48 minutes)

It addresses the problems of habitat pollution and it is simply answered to many questions. ... ission=578

published: 04/03/09, 08:20
by Christophe
I look at this!

That of 2 March looks interesting too: ... ission=572

published: 04/03/09, 08:39
by bham
Yes indeed, I have to download it for viewing at my free time.

published: 04/03/09, 10:38
by Capt_Maloche
I do not have time to watch,

could you extract the Christophe cards?

published: 04/03/09, 10:41
by Christophe
Roger that!
On the way! 8)

ps: in fact, it's about indoor pollution I do not know if it will have cards. Chemical pollution (household product, objects ...), electromagnetic or sound ...

published: 04/03/09, 14:02
by bham
There are no Maloche cards, it's a live show (I think) with guests and questions from viewers.
Among the guests, Dr. Belpomme, oncologist, see what he wrote, among other things:

published: 04/03/09, 14:59
by Christophe
I got 3 interesting moments from the show:

Chemical indoor pollution

Plants depolluting

Pollution, cancer and lifespan by Belpomme precisely

This is the first time that I have heard on TV what I have been thinking for a while, due to various pollution, we would be at a "peak" in life expectancy (Image) (except for the richest who can benefit from the big progress of the science ...).

published: 04/03/09, 15:33
by Christophe
bham wrote:Among the guests, Dr. Belpomme, oncologist, see what he wrote, among other things:

Good list (view my knowledge in health / medicine) there is just the:

Avoid having multiple sexual partners (rule # 26)

That I do not understand too much ... lust would be a catalyst for cancer ???

published: 04/03/09, 18:18
by Ibis.
Thank you for the different sequences Christophe. I can not understand, however, that a grandmother has fewer pollutants in the blood than a child of 9 years, if not by dilution in a larger mass.

The plants are nice, but the nice saleswoman is obviously business savvy. : Lol:

published: 04/03/09, 18:45
by Christophe
Yes for the blood, yes but is it "serious doctor"?

300 € for a dozen (I imagine) plants + study + delivery, I do not find it frankly not exaggerated ... even cheap!

20 30 € is now the price of any average plant 30 40 cm in the nursery and on video we see the largest ...