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Check, check, check again!

published: 18/11/23, 15:49
by Janic
Check, check, check again and again!
Human beings are strange animals, they spend their time constantly checking “everything”: they check their change or the price of what they have to pay, they check the cost of fuel to find the cheapest, they check his bills, his salary, he even checks the train timetable and complains if he is a few minutes late on the posted timetable, all minor things in themselves. But when it comes to important, fundamental things, like his health, seeing his life, he is less fussy. Rightly so, it seems to him, because people much more competent than him in these areas are there to verify whether the thing is good, true, indisputable. Because that's what he does in his specialty... well maybe!
Ideally, in the land of care bears, it should be like this, if humans were an artificial intelligence machine without preconceptions or emotions. But this is not the case and the individual reacts to different cultural, educational, even economic and political influences and in the same field, even specialized, not everyone is of the same opinion, on the method, the means, the costs , and hence the honors and rewards which may result therefrom. Clearly, consensuses are only a view of the mind as everyone is conditioned by the previous elements in which they believe and this is where the problem lies: believing is not knowing and knowing in one area does not mean knowing in another where you just have to believe it. Which gave rise to religions of all kinds and theories as vague as each other until it was recognized that they were indeed vague, a long time after. Like the flat earth or evolution, theism like atheism and therefore in medicine: vaccines or not vaccines, chemical or natural medicines, to harm or not to harm, that is the question!
Hence this video which questions open minds...or who could open themselves to the famous truth so often mentioned by everyone!

Re: Check, check, check again!

published: 21/11/23, 08:29
by Janic

Christine Cotton explaining what the job of a bio statistician is and the circumstances that led her to take an interest in the Covid case...empty given the high number of victims. and for our friend Ahmed, given his signature[*], at 42'30"you must not believe, it must be checked"

[*]"Don't believe what I tell you."
Besides, does he mean that what he says is nothing but lies? Or does he encourage us to verify his statements? : roll:

Re: Check, check, check again!

published: 09/12/23, 10:56
by Janic
new booster shot
To the attention of the trolls of the gutters and the bottom of the trash can who do not intend to know anything that disturbs their beliefs.

41.50 I think that changing one's mind is not a bad thing, at one point we were able to agree, we have hope, but after a while we can see that it doesn't work, who has noticed in life real 95% efficiency? After a while we can say to ourselves that we were wrong, we were fooled, I say you must not believe, you must verify, I say that to my employees all my life, when they arrived having made a mistake, they said but I believed that: no, no, you must not believe, you must verify ? So instead of believing, we find out, we go see the right experts, we go get the documents and we stop believing. If we want to believe, we go to church, the mosque or I don't know where, but in science we don't believe, we make hypotheses, we verify through experiments, results and then conclusions. Either the hypotheses are proven... it means that I have experienced the effectiveness in a mathematical, statistical way in this case and if I haven't proven I pack up my merchandise and offer something else, that's how it works…. And trolls go all the way back to politics. With these profound idiots with two neurons running one after the other without ever catching up...they can't get away from the arguments they don't have any.
To our late trolls from AFIS and elsewhere!

Re: Check, check, check again!

published: 09/12/23, 11:57
by izentrop
Argh! Janic and his misinformation : roll: : roll: : roll: : roll:

Re: Check, check, check again!

published: 09/12/23, 12:37
by plasmanu
And it’s clear that he believes in it wholeheartedly. Even if it's a soft bulb

Re: Check, check, check again!

published: 09/12/23, 12:47
by GuyGadeboisTheBack
There is a creator, evolution does not exist, Darwin is a loser <<< Verified
Vaccines have never worked, Pasteur is an imposter <<< Verified
It is the one who says who is <<< Verified

With these three pillars, we create a coherent mental universe <<< Vitrified

Simple, fast, indisputable <<< to check <<< Observed <<< Verified
Janic, very fion <<< Verified

Re: Check, check, check again!

published: 09/12/23, 12:56
by Ahmed
...and you forget "the young earth"... : Lol:

Re: Check, check, check again!

published: 09/12/23, 13:13
by GuyGadeboisTheBack
Ahmed wrote:...and you forget "the young earth"... : Lol:

It is included in the first commandment. : Cheesy:

Re: Check, check, check again!

published: 09/12/23, 14:02
by Janic
09/12/23, 13:47

guy on the way back
There is a creator, evolution does not exist,
and another village idiot who places his anti-religious beliefs above the currently known sciences which he does not want to verify like the Nazyafis whom he contests elsewhere! SO:
Evolution exists, it is a scientifically acquired fact, but evolutionism is only an unprovable and unproven thesis which only existed as a speech of opposition to the religions in place.
Darwin is a loser
Darwin was, on the contrary, an excellent observer of the living world, for the 19th century, and most of his work has been little contested. The question therefore does not relate to his work, but to the theory, supposition, comparisons, between wild life and breeding and modern agricultural culture of his time.[*] But there, as for the rest, those who tell all the bullshit that you repeat over and over have never read his with the rest of the provaxx delusions.
[*] this is why he hesitated for a long time to publish his work as he hesitated on a philosophical level and it was under pressure from anti-religious people that he gave in. But we can read in his writings that he was unsure of himself in this area.
Vaccines have never worked,
Indeed, and you would know it if you had studied this subject from its origins. But you refuse, like the other jokers, to do it.
Pastor is an imposter
Pasteur was never an impostor in the usual sense of that term.
A. − One who deceives, who abuses others with lies and false promises, with the aim of obtaining material or moral benefit.
His work, for the time, made it possible to note, thanks to the microscope, the presence of certain "microbes" which could be the source of certain pathologies. So there is no deception or lies there! On the other hand, what he believed never lived up to his promises, as the statistics of the various countries that have tested his vaccines (as with those of >Pfizer, moreover) have proven, but for that it would have been necessary sufficient historical perspective. On the other hand, for material and moral profit, if he had not been supported by Napoleon 3 in search of heroes to improve his image and that of France, he would have remained an obscure chemist with no skills in biology and medicine, without all the current protocols that you and your friends are telling us about; peers, double blinds, placebos and other means
With these three pillars, we create a coherent mental universe
indeed, it is on these false pillars that you invented yourself, that you created your mental universe inconsistent with Science and History.

Ahmed »09 / 12 / 23, 13: 56
...and you forget "the young earth"...
It's funny, you gave the impression of being a little more intelligent than the other jerks.
If you open a Bible you will never find there a dating of the age of the earth. A literalist reading of the text could therefore not indicate any duration of it.

Ce forum is soluble in arbitrariness, atheistic religions, evolutionism born from atheistic conspiracy and ignorance.

Re: Check, check, check again!

published: 09/12/23, 14:45
by GuyGadeboisTheBack
The guy implicitly and explicitly recognizes that his entire speech is based on nothing but wind!