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21 Transport: engine, fuel and cars of the near future

published: 02/09/09, 17:26
by Christophe
The Quebec engineer Pierre Langlois has been publishing for 3 months a review called Transport 21 which summarizes the various advances of the moment in terms of "less dirty" transport.

Here are the first 2 numbers:

a) June 2009: ... TAM04C.pdf ... -4178.html

Summary: rechargeable hybrids (plug-in), all electric, proto or demonstrator "conversions" (thermal to electric), new fuels and policies and regulations (changes linked to the Obama administration)

b) July 2009: ... Dgd7pW.pdf ... -4179.html

Summary: small electric cars and hybrid scooters, electric scooters, urban land transport, policies and regulations, new fuels (ExxonMobil is investing $ 600 million in R&D for algae biofuels)

It will interest any ecologist who is interested in near or far transport!

To download also directly on its site: ... ort21.html

published: 26/10/09, 10:01
by Christophe
The 3 and 4ieme letter are available: ... ort21.html

The 4 No of my Transport 21 newsletter is now available for download from my website at

Here are the titles of this issue:

- The Frankfurt Motor Show 2009
- Electric vehicles with shaving range extender
- An electric Fiat with range extender converted by FEV
- A revolutionary battery developed at the Hydro-Québec Research Institute
- Booster buses instead of trolley buses
- e-Traction takes off with motor-wheel buses
- General Dynamics Land Systems' Military Wheeled Vehicles


a) 21 Transport 3 number ... -4180.html

b) 21 Transport 4 number ... -4182.html

published: 26/10/09, 14:19
by I Citro
: Arrow: These documents are of course of a very high quality.
The eminent Pierre LANGLOIS makes here a
excellent synthesis of the news of transport of the future.

We are not here in speculations or smoking hypotheses about feasibility. All scientific, macro economic, geostrategic, industrial data ... are verified.
: Arrowu:

Thank you Christophe for this subject.
It highlights that most of the proposals of the "traditional" automakers are dramatically mediocre and ride the wave of the divergent spiral dear to Michel Kieffer .
We see here from them a riot of oversized, overpowered vehicles and on priced.
: Evil:
Unacceptable defects in the rapid development of effective modes of propulsion. We can easily deduce that only the profits of companies, shareholders and governments slow progress ...
: Evil:

published: 30/11/09, 12:04
by Christophe
Thank you Citro but it is on P. Langlois that we must thank.

He has just published a short explanatory video of his book: ... -4160.html

Well it's a bit chauvinistic anyway! What is not beautiful our TGV? : Cheesy: : Cheesy:

Sinon the 5 21 Transport Number is published and there is precisely a comparison TGV / monorail.

I still remember that most French tram or RER are manufactured by Bombardier, a Canadian company, major competitor of alstom!

published: 14/12/09, 11:43
by Christophe
Transport number 6 21 is available with a "nice" part 1 on compressed air traction which should put some "dreamers" back in place:

- 21 Transport 6 number

To be completed by: ... -3973.html

published: 05/01/10, 11:49
by Christophe
And here is the 7 number!


- The VW Up Lite, a hybrid concept car that consumes 2,44 L / 100 km
- Official launch of the Prius pluggable
- Toyota Industries Corp. develops solar charging stations
- Parity of solar PV electricity with that of the network in the United States
- Reloading vehicles with more nuclear energy makes no sense

Download 21 transport number 7

published: 05/01/10, 12:33
by elephant
I still remember that most French tram or RER are manufactured by Bombardier, a Canadian company, major competitor of alstom!

They also have a factory in Belgium! (former Brugeoise and Nivelles)? That's good ! :D In Flanders unfortunately : Evil:

published: 05/01/10, 12:35
by Christophe
No, if you say it's possible ...

But hey, Belgium is not France ... well, it is "more" or "not yet" France ... : Cheesy: : Cheesy: (hihihihi there are Flemings who will not like that)

published: 05/01/10, 12:38
by elephant
There has never been any serious question of attaching Wallonia to a country as undemocratic as France : Evil: . And unless you're mistaken, you pay your taxes in Belgium, right?

published: 05/01/10, 12:41
by Christophe
Roh right now the big words ...

The FR, it was democratic before Sarko : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen:

Yes for taxes but I do not see what my personal situation comes to do in the discussion ... : Shock: