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hydrogen engine with or without carbon?

published: 12/08/06, 10:40
by Christophe
The hydrogen engine with or without carbon?


published: 12/08/06, 10:40
by Christophe

published: 12/08/06, 15:20
by lau
It's amazing, not a word about metal hydrides?

published: 12/08/06, 15:29
by Christophe
Metal hydrides are a way to store and not to produce hydrogen ... hence their lack of this article.

published: 12/07/09, 16:12
by chatelot16
if you have to do CO2 to make hydrogen, it's stupid to make hydrogen

carbon and hydrogen must be left together: it is called hydrocarbon and it is easier to transport than hydrogen alone!

other remark I see on the first message thermolysis to decompose H2O in H2 and O2: for me it never worked: there is no way to separate O2 and H2 after decomposition of H2O

on the other hand with the carbon it works very well in the gazogene: the heat decomposes of the steam, the oxygen is immediately used to transform C in CO and the hydrogen remains intact

CO and H2 are the basis of fischer tropsch synthesis for making artificial petroleum

Rather than converting hydrocarbons into hydrogen, it is better to combine the hydrogen produced by various energies with carbon (possibly biomass) to make artificial hydrocarbons.

biomass does not directly make the amount of carbon to replace oil, but it can make the carbon it takes to convert the hydrogen produced by other energies into hydrocarbons

published: 29/09/09, 19:58
by moinsdewatt
chatelot16 wrote:if you have to do CO2 to make hydrogen, it's stupid to make hydrogen


Currently almost 90% of industrial hydrogen is made by reforming methane CH4, ie "natural" gas.

To power cars it is much more profitable to use natural gas cars than to convert natural gas into H2 and then use it as fuel in a combustion engine or fuel island.

When Hydrogen will be done differently (electrolysis by wind turbines or solar PV) or by nuclear power plants by high temperature electrolysis (CEA studies for Generation IV nuclear reactors), then we will be able to talk about it again.