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Recycle white spirit by decantation

published: 05/04/10, 21:21
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White spirit is a very harmful product for soil and aquatic environments. It is often not treated by treatment plants.

When you clean your painting tools (brushes, rollers ...) do not throw it down the drain (or on the ground!), You can leave it to settle to reuse it.
You need three containers:
- a first to clean your tools
- another for decanting (with a cover to avoid evaporation)
-and a last one with cover also to store the product ready to be reused.

It's very simple and it's very economical! : Lol:

Personally, I use rather large jam jars. But you can adapt the size according to the quantity used.

One last tip, avoid getting on your skin and wear gloves.

published: 05/04/10, 22:10
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when the white spirit is dirty it is dirty and it does not settle

but we can distill it

I did it for a while when I cleaned diesel filters with white spirit: I redistilled a lot of the same white

published: 05/04/10, 22:57
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Hello Juju26

I totally agree with your suggestion of recycling the White Spirit. It basically works when used to rid paintbrushes of leftover paint.

I worked a lot in the renovation and always practiced it. You simply need to be able to store the tinted White long enough for the paint residue, which if found, to settle, then transfer it to an identified and clean container.

I believe that 5litres of White have held me for several years. On the other hand, it is not very advisable to use it to dilute a new paint, because, there may be a risk of incompatibility with the dissolved products. This white becomes more and more viscous, but still very active for the use mentioned above.

Do not forget the destruction process for the decantate

PS: Today, there are quite good water-based paints that can replace Glycero paints. This is better for the environment.

published: 26/05/11, 15:57
View sebarmageddon
this is how i do when i paint something big or small
I take a reusable box in which I pour used white, I clean the brush and wipe well
I then pour the white spirit sale I just used, in the same bottle, and it settles on its own, the pigments settle on the bottom of the bottle in about one or two days (depending on the paint)
I have a bottle that loops in this way, I mainly use it to clean my little aero

On the other hand :

- the white sale is tinted, so using it to dilute a paint would modify the base color a little, I think the colors come from the binder of the paints, but hey it's my opinion, maybe it is wrong

- white spirit sale may contain dust, new white does not, except that which will fall on the paint before drying

diablotruc, perso, I did not notice viscosity of the white sale that I have, remarks, it is surely related to the quantities that you used

for water-based paints, I have a doubt, I prefer to use a paint that can be diluted and cleaned with white than a water-based paint, I will speak about the level of model paint, that in water is less resistant than that to white,
moreover, the water-based paint also seems to contain junk, and there, I draw some remarks:

people think water paint is beautiful, clean, kind to nature, because it is water paint, they don't protect themselves when painting
whereas with a paint that can be diluted with white, people will be more likely to have protection (mask, etc ...)

then, people know that they should not throw the dilutable white paint in the sewers, which does not prevent some co ** ards to do it, the quantity should therefore not be too large,
Now if everyone who uses water-based paint rinses the brushes in the sink, won't the amount be a problem for nature?

to return to white spirit, recovering it also saves money in the wallet, and as recovering it means that it does not end up in the sewers, it's all beneficial

moreover, many products are reusable (petrol F, acetone, etc ...)

published: 26/05/11, 19:08
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Thank you for your testimony

published: 09/06/11, 11:18
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Indeed good savings! I have to paint in a few days, good to know :)

published: 22/04/13, 17:21
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I fall back on this post and I had not given you my feedback.

Well it works pretty well, but as sebarmageddon points out, you should not expect to get a product as clear as it was originally.

In any case in my case it had worked well.

published: 22/04/13, 17:46
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I didn't know this stuff, so thank you.

Obviously the original metal estagnons with small cap are not intended for recycling!
And the glass bottle can break! But we have nothing without nothing.

Too bad for madam, I'm going to chuck her one of her pots! : Cheesy:

published: 23/04/13, 00:17
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personally, I use water bottles / lemonade cut in PET as cleaning pot / decanter.

But now, we find more and more lacquers dilutable with water: much easier to clean tools, hands and what does it stink less :D

In bodywork, they can no longer use only water-based paints. Much more expensive unfortunately.

published: 23/04/13, 01:02
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water-based paints are a big ecological mistake: solvent-based paints are simple ... solants can be recycled, and even what evaporates is not that bad

water paint is full of even more viscous product ... glycool ether ... phthalate ... nonylphenol ... bisphenol ...

next to everything found in water paints white spirit is really simpler