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Déchetterie recyclerie Crevecoeur-le-Grand

published: 05/10/09, 14:17
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I saw today on the 5 a report on the recycling center of Crevecoeur-le-grand, in Oise. Its particularity is to be coupled with a recycling plant ... lerie.html . Therefore, if objects that some get rid of are still in good condition, they are kept for going to the recycling plant rather than ending up in the dumpsters, then in the landfills. We have all noticed, especially the most conservative and / or DIY enthusiasts among us, that people sometimes throw away anything, including objects that can make people happy.
So I find this initiative particularly innovative and environmentally positive. You just have to see what Gegyx found at Emmaüs, a "beautiful" plant shredder.

published: 05/10/09, 14:50
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Funny the name "recycling" never heard, I adopt :)

I have a doubt on the spelling of waste (t?) Erie, personally I would have put a T:

A) French academy + wiki + ademe ... = 1T ... atid=16297

B) ... but according to Larousse it is 2 T: ... erie/22144


published: 05/10/09, 15:16
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Go understand! : Shock:
For recycling, it seems to me that this is the name adopted by Quebecers, right?

published: 05/10/09, 16:13
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Roooooh ... you don't know the recycling plants? It is however a great classic of the alter-economy ...

For words like recycling center, the spelling reform of 2007 allows both types of writing, but I have trouble with the "et" version ... :? (old school ? :frown: : Cry: )

published: 06/10/09, 11:24
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Ditto in Angers, one of the recycling centers in the agglo is the Emmaus recycling plant ...

published: 07/10/09, 20:29
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You might as well put 2 T in recycling centers, that’s always a T of recycled! :?

It seems inappropriate to me to indiscriminately use the term "recycling", which is the recovery of materials from an object, to designate the reuse of all or part of an object in its original form (repair or source of spare parts) or for another similar or different but less demanding function.

The first treatment is accompanied by a considerable qualitative and energy loss (which can exceed the gain), while the second is very virtuous from all points of view.

For example, it is inept to recover the material from a glass bottle that has been used only once, while what is most precious is the energy necessary to melt it: it is better to consign it.

The limit to the reuse of many objects is, as I have already deplored, that by manufacture, they do not lend themselves easily to disassembly and that the quality of the components is unsatisfactory (to put it mildly!).

published: 20/10/09, 20:37
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Ahmed wrote:[...] It seems to me inappropriate to use without discernment the term "recycling", which is the recovery of the materials of an object, to designate the reuse of all or part of an object in its original form (repair or source of spare parts) or for another similar or different but less demanding function. [...]
It seems to me that only the term "recycling" was used ...

published: 21/10/09, 12:00
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I prefer the word "resource center"because it highlights different aspects of this type of activity:
see a resource where others see only waste, call on their resources of creativity to project the new life of an object, to concretize this creativity thanks to resources to know how, to pool the resources individual for a collective project etc.

Words like "reclyclery", "recycling" do not have this richness and, as Ahmed points out, are to be reserved for the material and for industrial processes - in my opinion.

published: 21/10/09, 12:05
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Christine wrote:see a resource where others only see garbage

Well done. Totally agree.

A sentence to ponder.

published: 21/10/09, 12:33
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Christine wrote:I prefer the word "resource center"[...]
The structures that I know around here are called "Recyclerie - ressourcerie" ...