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Recycle old cell phones

published: 28/08/09, 11:48
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I heard on the radio the new AFOM advertisement inviting the holders of used mobile phones to bring them back to their operators.

I think there is more useful to do, I discovered the site which offers to send free your old phones which still have value for the benefit of charitable associations to then recycle them, a bit like the concept of Emmaus. What do you think ?

published: 28/08/09, 14:13
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We don't really like it! : Evil:

1) because once again, an ugly new registrant advertises the first time. We hate! It is prohibited by the rules that you accepted when registering.

2) the 6 assoc are illustrious strangers

So beware: for once, I'm not going to yell at spam by demanding immediate locking, I will simply recommend to regulars to let this subject sink into oblivion.

Attention, if you bring up the subject, I scream at spam!

published: 28/08/09, 14:23
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Pissed off ... it smells like spam anyway..but hey it's still largely "clean" and environmentally friendly like spam ... isn't it elephant?

Well at worst they can recycle their domain name in a dating site by phone between ex ..mdr! : Mrgreen:

I'm going out ...

published: 28/08/09, 15:25
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yeah, but so you don't always have the role of the big bad censor! :D

published: 28/08/09, 20:58
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... curious qmm a site for the association hosted in .com

published: 28/08/09, 22:46
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not at all:

.com domain name: max 12 euros / year incl. VAT: however, we can see that this site is professional work: logical

advantage: we tell the "competitors" that the title is already taken, which is interesting for a possible expatriation. However, if you notice, the non-profit organizations concerned have international views. It's almost a trademark deposit.

published: 28/08/09, 23:07
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...Yes that's it. In short for associative life it is rather .org nan? There it looks like $ to have where it $ goes : Wink: But hey, it looks useful. And then if it had been .org they would really have been accused of disguising themselves.

published: 29/08/09, 14:41
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In associations, the right purchasing strategy is:

to announce the "associative" color by having the .org
defuse competition by having .com
have at least the .of the country or countries where you want to practice (.fr, .be, etc)

buy close names

buy names describing the activity with dashes to cut the grass under the feet of the competition and "deceive the search engines" like buyout-phone-cellphone

Last year I bought for 500 euros domain names for a single company.

it's also a question of prestige: if you don't have .com, you don't exist :D


published: 05/09/09, 23:05
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There is now a company on the internet that offers to send your cell phone for free by post so that it can be recycled.
You must ask for a pre-paid envelope that you receive within ten days.
Then just insert your mobile and drop the envelope in any mailbox.

Here is their address:

published: 06/09/09, 09:47
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Fi so! The newly registered ugly spammer who sends out his ad on the first call. : Evil: : Evil: : Evil: