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A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 28/08/16, 20:59
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- Come back to me!
- Looking again in a recycling bin of my big "favorite" area, I see an antenna that exceeds ... I shoot, and that's it? This:
Small AM / FM battery radio

(The radio is running!)
- I open the battery door and I also see the batteries in it, still good! I test them: 1,5V each!
- I dismount the small radio, and I immediately see the cause of the breakdown:
Detail of the fault: one end of the circuit board broken!

- The circuit board is broken at the headphone jack. Immediately, a drop of cyanoacrylate glue and a reinforcement on the other side of the circuit later, I scrape the connection tracks of the speaker, I weld two strands of copper wire, close the radio and ... y'a sound !
- I even pay myself the luxury of redoing the pointer indicator that I stick with a little hot melt glue!
- And here is a pretty little radio that can be useful on cyclone days! We call it a "radio-cyclone" at home!
- Cordially. @ +!

Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 29/08/16, 11:33
View Christophe
Hey yes again a very significant example of the consumer society ... throw rather than fix ...

In the waste places I think that a good part (20 to 30% ??) thrown appliances must be very easily repairable!

Ease of "ready-to-throw", lack of knowledge and / or motivation, economically unviable repairs ... this can concern both the individual and the professional ...

Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 29/08/16, 15:08
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- Fortunately, I have "under the elbow" some electronic tools (soldering iron, multimeter, variable power supply ...) and most importantly, the recovery 'in abundance, as well as the knowledge of the components "that goes well"!
- The next article to come is a dishwasher!

Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 29/08/16, 15:44
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I also try to recover and repair, but a major limitation is the space available for the storage of objects awaiting repair, parts "which can be used one day", tools, ...

In regions with 5000 € the m² of housing, it also counts :(

And that sometimes explains why we throw even objects in working order but not enough used compared to the place they take : Oops:

Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 29/08/16, 22:39
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Good evening, for some objects and devices instead of throwing them sell them
especially if these devices have nothing and are in good condition there is the right corner or that you just have to choose your region or department and hop
to go to the commune and to register to sell, many people make the
recover repair and resell at flea markets and empty lofts


Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 31/08/16, 11:59
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Quite Oli, and there are many who sell their property for 0.- €

But I have never been able to give them to me, I have not found a piece of zero € yet : Mrgreen:
That's why in paid car parks, when I see "0.00 €" bein I leave without paying Image

I give a lot of stuff and I start with my family where those who need it most ...

Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 31/08/16, 14:31
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... there my switch has just given up after approx. 10 years of abuse (thankfully not the servers : Twisted: )



It is a power supply. to chopping, so I will not touch it, : Cheesy:
Some boards to be dismantled as 'organ bank' as RV-P does, the rest is for recycling ... I could try to find a power supply on e-bay, but it's Russian roulette, as long as I don't know not if a chip has suffered. And all in all, with the cost of transport, it will cost me the same price as a switch from OCCAZ, and I prefer to switch to gigabit ...

Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 31/08/16, 19:53
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- Mééééoouuuu : Mrgreen: ! If you knew how much I repaired switching power supplies! Even laptop power supplies ...
- Often, it is the MOSFET power transistor that looses, not cooled enough by lack of thermal paste between him and his sink!
- Once, I even repaired a flat screen TV power supply (a diode and a circuit board cut, I think) following the introduction of a lizard in the TV by the big hole of a card extension that no one thinks to clog with a little adhesive!
All flat screens have this big hole to introduce an expansion card (of what? "Mystery and ball of gum"!), But it seems that not a manufacturer think to provide or only to provide the cover of shutter :x : Evil: ! I have 2 TVs of this type at home and 2 have this big hole clogged: do not want a lamb is allowed to grill in the mains and do not "fire" my TV!
- I do not count the repairs of desktop power supplies of which one of 120W only had a resistance of 510 kiloohms cut!
- And at the moment, I am experimenting with "buck boost" switching power supplies (SEPIC or fly-back) with the famous MC34063 integrated circuit, just to equip the generators of small wind turbines!
- Yes, you see: I am busy "under my coconut tree"!
- Cordially !
*** PS: in my opinion, considering the brown stain that you have on the lid, you must have a capacitor that exploded, you! ***
*** PS2: I believe, with the color of the threads, that your food delivers 5V and 12V! Try to see the side of PC power supplies!? ... ***

Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 01/09/16, 11:44
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... it's gone ... Yes Dr that's what I'm going to do, thank you for enlightening this point ...!

This all that I can intervene of 2 ways:
- either by the decision you quoted in your answer.
- or by another catch provided for this purpose and that I had completely forgotten, in the back and which arrives directly on the circuit:


So I have:
+ 5.oV (5A max)
+ 12V (2,5A)
-12V (o, 2)

It remains for me to find the pinning (must I find the diagram).

But if I look at the first 3 pins, it seems that at the top there is 5V, below 12V and below -12V ... If so, what are the other pins for? The motherboard must she "communicate" with the power supply ....? Is that it or am I anticipating too much Hal way in 2001 Space Odissey? : Cheesy: :D If that's it, we do not know what they're doing !?
(kind: - "you're here? yes here and you ... Are not you here? If ch'tatrappe shit bites .... no Jedi, I am your father ...: ... ") : Mrgreen:

The best scenario would be that the external power supply cascading hubs, and in this case we understand the redundancy of the pins in the socket ...: 1x3 + 3x3 (5V, + 12, -12)

Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

published: 01/09/16, 15:44
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- On PCs, the + 12V is yellow, the -12V is blue and the + 5V is red! There is also + 3,3V, orange, + 5VSB, purple and -5V, white.
- If you doubt a little, feed your circuit by the internal socket (1ère photo). I saw a purple thread (maybe blue?). That's the -12V!
- I guess you know how to run a PC ATX power supply without the motherboard, right?? ... Just short the green wire to ground (one of the black wires)!
- I found on the Internet the wiring diagram of the motherboard ATX plug:
Wiring ATX socket 24 pins
atx24-cablage.jpg (20.15 KIO) Accessed 6723 times

- Source: ... teur=atx24 !
- But look on the map near the socket if the tensions are not screen printed! That may be the case ...
- Cordially.
*** PS: To test your rear grip, give a little ohmmeter shot between the pins of the internal plug and the external plug! ***