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Israel Lebanon conflict

published: 20/07/06, 11:04
by Christophe
I created this subject in order to talk about these recent events in the Middle East (and to somewhat desaturated the subject "We must save ...")

The Nouvelobs has just released a number whose title is called:
"The mad war" which sums up the situation well ...

published: 22/07/06, 03:09
by Other

I don't know how the media coverage is at your place, but here in Quebec at RDI and radio Canada, most of the information is centered on the repatriation of Canadian nationals they talk about it for hours and hours, but on the real situation it is a few minutes and often images that repeat themselves from day to day. Really they take us for fools ..
the Canadian army does not have the resources necessary to repatriate its residents, but for a deployment in Afganisgant and in Iraq, there they have energy.
They have a problem negotiating an exit corridor with Israel!
In my book the bad guys is when a country crosses a border to attack another .. It is after all not the kidnapping of 2 soldiers that generated such violence? if that is the backdrop, we haven't changed since 1914. Multinational force and the UN is a great comedy, led by the powerful.
Where I have difficulty the military material of Israel which is of the last cries USA should permenter (of the surgical strikes), missile with a precision of the order of the meter. So why are so many civilians killed? it looks like returned in 1938 in the north of Spain. No better for Lebanon, which sends missiles haphazardly on border towns, again on civilians.


published: 22/07/06, 15:43
by Logan
More than 300 Lebanese civilians dead and the destruction of many civilian infrastructures in the past 2 weeks.
All of this, supposedly, is justified by the kidnapping of 2 soldiers and by the fact that Lebanon is hosting (partly in spite of itself) Hezbollah terrorists.

A crime is a crime. Knowingly killing civilians even when one is an army (disguised penguins) is a war crime.

We must use the right word, what Israel is currently doing is a horrible crime which should not only be denounced as such (this is not the case in the French media who are afraid of being treated as anti-Semites) but also fought . What does the UN do?

The Israeli army is an army of colinization no more no less.
I put myself in the place of the Palestinians and the Lebanese.
Israel sows the seeds of terror for the next 20 years.
It legitimizes the acts of fundamentals who find themselves in a position of "Resistants" vis-à-vis the occupier.

It is no longer a question of who started a long time ago.
They are all to be put in the same bag. An Israeli death is worth a Lebanese or Palestinian death.
I make no moral distinction between detonating a bomb in the heart of Jerusalem or the bombing of Palestinian and Lebanese villages.

But Israel currently behaves as if an Israeli dead man was worth 100 Lebanese dead. They have fallen into the most abject barbarism which consists in repeating a hundredfold the blows they have received. What policy will dare to denounce it publicly?
It's scandalous.

Israel wants to protect itself? Is
So that they leave the occupied territories and cease their colonialist policy while respecting the will of the Palestinians to be their own master.
Until they understand this, they will legitimize the violence of organizations which are perceived as "Resistant to the occupiers" by the local populations.

published: 22/07/06, 17:05
by gegyx
For media coverage in France, we talk a lot about evacuations, too.
First and foremost, there is violent fighting and destruction, causing loss of life on both sides, as if there was a balance…
But when there are images, we mostly see the destruction of neighborhoods, infrastructure, and carts of civilian corpses, mainly in Lebanon…
It is up to the discerning viewer, who does not only think about his vacation, to make his deductions ...
Reinforced evacuations is good for people under bombs.
But they are funded by our taxes. 3 ministers have already gone to Lebanon for a little tour. As if they were active ...
: Arrow: A big punch on the table, with Europe too, to ask for an end to the bombardments, and no more need for evacuations.
By evacuating, we play into the hands of the aggressors, to leave entire territories free, ripe for the harvest.
These displacements of populations following atrocities and terror are war crimes. This was the case in Darfur (Sudan), and also in Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Kosovo, where we left the martyred populations on the spot, to avoid precisely a depopulation of ethnic group.
I would also like, as we did for fallen African dictators, the Indonesian Marcos, Saddam Hussein, or for the nebula "Al Quaïda", to seize the assets, the movements of money on suspicious accounts.
We talk about quests in mosques, to support terrorist movements, but we never remember the contributions of the Jewish diaspora in favor of Israel, as soon as this country requests it, ruined by its military spending.
To make a donation is essentially to support the military effort, so that the current crimes against humanity are perpetuated.
I don't see this moral in France, especially less than a year before the elections.

+ + + + + + + + +
Any young person, who loses part of his family and the family home under a bomb, has a feeling of injustice, of revolt.
To denounce this action, he will not complain to the UN ...
With his passion, he will take up arms, radicalize and take revenge.
The current destruction of Lebanon only leads to radicalization of an entire population, which did not necessarily approve of Hezbollah.
These war crimes actions, coming from a modern army, carried out by a state, supposed to be "intelligent", is to cry for the future of the world.

published: 22/07/06, 17:42
by Christophe
gegyx wrote:Any young person, who loses part of his family and the family home under a bomb, has a feeling of injustice, of revolt.
To denounce this action, he will not complain to the UN ...
With his passion, he will take up arms, radicalize and take revenge.

And the circle will be complete, don't you think that is wanted (at least in part?
Big winners: American-Israeli commercial exchanges or clandestine arms ...

published: 22/07/06, 18:56
by gegyx
I do not know, a bit of everything surely?
Like Edgard Cayce in his reading-visions on Atlantis, I note on the history of our earth, that there are tendencies to tilt the world towards "the dark side".
The story should be used to recall harmful past facts, in order to prevent current decision-makers from falling back into the same mistakes and horrors.
The human species would improve in the long term, but it's not obvious ...

In any case, far from personal mercantile aspects, elected men, with great responsibilities, should sublimate themselves, in their soul and conscience, to improve the lives of their fellow citizens, with a vision for the long term.
Currently, we see the "fight" between the two democracies of the Middle East.
A fine example, in truth for the neighbors…

published: 22/07/06, 19:11
by Logan
Econo, I don't think that Israel's reasons are economic but rather ideological.
They are convinced that they have the "right" on their side. They think they can kill "legally" because they have an army with tanks and planes.
The others are only entitled to the epithet of "terrorists".
2 weights, 2 measures ...
Let us remember that it is always the winners who write history.

And indeed, a young person who saw his destroyed house and some of his relatives disappear under the bombs has enough "understandable" reasons even by us Westerners, to take up arms without having to invoke the argument of religious fundamentalism.

published: 22/07/06, 20:26
by Logan
I just looked at a subject in the TF1 newspaper.
We insisted on the 15 civilian deaths on the Israeli side but nothing on the 280 civilian victims in Lebanon for 15 days.

Really sickening ...

published: 22/07/06, 22:51
by Mesh
What if all this was done to start justifying a future war against Iran and Syria?
: Cry:

published: 22/07/06, 23:34
by Former Oceano
We always loop in this kind of stories and history.

Indeed, some powerful or supported countries are writing and rewriting history. In addition they give more value (verb to give multiple meanings here ....) to residents of their country or to practitioners of their faith than to others.

Who complained when the United States killed about thirty civilians with a guided missile with the intention of killing a terrorist member, was he a leader?

How many Afghan, Pakistani, Iraqi civilians have been killed compared to the 3000 and a few American civilians (who could have been avoided elsewhere ....).

Macroeconomic interests prevail over human lives and this inhumanity of the great systems dehumanizes the human being and leads him to fall into the absurdity of war and terrorism.

Wisdom is still not acquired by humanity. Hope some of us do it ...