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Paris in the snow, snow, snow ...

published: 08/12/10, 17:36
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It's winter and miracle, it's snowing ... in Paris! ... _3244.html

The DDE takes no interim agents? ... _3224.html : Mrgreen:

published: 08/12/10, 20:33
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must be done .... when they understand that in winter, it requires adequate equipment (tires contacts, chains, nails) snowplows are not everything ......

published: 08/12/10, 20:43
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Even the RATP works badly with the snow !!
Wednesday 8 december 2010, public transport situation at 18h15.

In consequence of the degraded climatic conditions,
traffic is slowed down on
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 13 lines.
The Funicular is interrupted.

As a result of a technical incident at Houilles-Carrières,
traffic remains slow across the line.
In consequence of the degraded climatic conditions,
traffic is slowed down on the entire line.

Bus network:
Because of the snowfall,
the entire bus network is paralyzed.
Traffic is normal on the tram lines.

Transilien Network:
The degraded climatic conditions in the Paris region
disrupt traffic on the entire Transilien SNCF network.
Delays, ad hoc deletions and service changes are to be expected.

It's new, formerly, the snow did not disturb so much !!
There 35 to 45 years, I remember the snow bothered little, I drove one week out of much less good snowy roads (many fewer motorways) on bad bitumen (old roads in missing stove pipes) without any problems , but there were many less cars, so even 1 on 1000 skating like an andouille, does not block all the others !!!
People do not know how to gear smoothly !!
Finally it is useful to have a minimum sport level, not to break something by slipping and falling on the snow. !!
In January 1999, with less snow, I remember some who had spent the night by car to return to Paris on 25Km !!
Me on foot in summer 10 minutes I was at home, (after leaving the car on his parking) but others had 3 hours drive for the same distance!
Tomorrow, freeze guaranteed!
My wife is having fun in the RER B right now !!
Me, 900Km further south, at 18 ° C, for gardening and planting, I laugh, as long as my wife manages to go home !!

published: 08/12/10, 21:08
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The equipment is useless and is not necessary, given the excess of cars, 1 on 1000 skating without realizing it is enough to block the other 999 !!
45 years ago, on horrible roads south of Paris, with a car without handling (a soap without snow already!), I drove with snow a whole week, without any equipment or problems! But there was 10 50 times less cars in the Paris region!

People do not know or understand friction, or what starts a slip !!
And as soon as it slips, they persist in maintaining the slip !!
I remember one who had bumped on my back sliding on 20 30 meters telling me, he drops his brake good god, and he will stop well before !!
He was treated to a noisy food that he had braked too much, it was enough to release the brake and press again, to unlock the wheels! !!
Many died for not releasing the brake by slipping or slipping !!
Yet the stopping distance is divided by two and more with ice by releasing the brake !! !!
ABS does it for you, in principle.

It is not taught on the driver's license and it would save lives of young people!

Do you know why, if you block the rear wheels, the car starts spinning like a spin and if we lock the front wheels, we stay online ????
Basic knowledge of physics, with the sliding coefficient which decreases sharply as soon as it slips !!

published: 08/12/10, 21:16
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yeah! the phenomenon is explicable. formerly the cars were less powerful, the tires narrower. the adhesion was better. adapted motor couples
If you ride in the Vosges, the Savoy, some winter put under sizes of snow tires in width and some, when the design of the car decrease allows the diameter of the gentes on the drive wheels (difficult on modern cars because disc brakes)
but obviously we drove better. I was doing the ride Chambery / lanslebourg gone / return without strings and without too many problems with over a meter of snow in 76 (broken chain to modane) but my car was a simian 1100 and it went everywhere ... ......
good road

published: 08/12/10, 22:20
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"We drove better" but we would die better, 16000 deaths per year in 1973 !!!
With a lot less cars!
By km 10 times more deaths at least and in 1950 years 50 times more !!!
I have seen many more road deaths in 10 years than in 50ans after.
Just so that the objective reality is clear.

published: 09/12/10, 07:42
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I think the death toll has nothing to do with the snow and the way to equip. obviously, there was no speed limit, the vehicles were less secure no belt, air bag, ect ect but we rolled in 50 cm of snow ........
for me the equipment should be mandatory as in some countries (for some the price is not a problem when you see their cars .....)

published: 09/12/10, 08:01
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I agree, snow tires should be mandatory.
When I was in Paris, I drove rainy days. Finally, rain is a big word, the road was barely wet, and people were already afraid to ride, so on the snow, no wonder that everything is blocked.

The most amazing for me are the disturbances on the RER. They are on rails, they should not be affected so much (unless staff are stuck on the roads : Cheesy: )
People should get their license in winter (which I did) they will learn much more than spend it in the summer.

published: 09/12/10, 09:10
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dedeleco wrote:By km 10 times more deaths at least and in 1950 years 50 times more !!!
I have seen many more road deaths in 10 years than in 50ans after.
Just so that the objective reality is clear.

+1 per km.passenger traveled, we are "infinitely" safer in a car now than before ... and this despite the continual increase in power, therefore acceleration and a priori, speeds ...

This is a fact for which we can thank the automakers and the various road safety managers! But probably more 1er than the latter ... despite what is said in the media : Cheesy:

published: 09/12/10, 09:19
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maybe, but if you compare a day with snow to a day without snow you will notice that there are more accidents & incidents on the first point (not necessarily with death of a man because the speed is reduced)
on the other hand, I have been a fireman for 35 years, and the most serious accidents I have seen in the summer. in winter they are less serious because the speed is reduced (there are more creased sheets)