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CO2 footprint of your bank investments

published: 27/11/10, 18:34
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Well, I'm not convinced, but I thought it interesting to say that it exists: Calculate the CO2 emission of your bank investments.

I do not know exactly what it is based on, but a priori it is based on where the investments are made but in my opinion the real problem is where the CO2 emission is made.

published: 27/11/10, 19:18
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Does Monopoly count? :P And how is it played with the bankers' money? (ie a big tax) : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen:

Anyway, no matter where it is issued, it will always come back to us in the figure. : Shock:

published: 27/11/10, 20:44
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I did not click on the link, but it must not be worth much ...

Pkoi? Just because placing money what is it for if not over-consuming in the future ... right?

And who says consumption says CO2 ... (or other) ...

Then we can invest in things less worse than others ...