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Nuclear power continues in the world

published: 10/03/19, 14:47
by moinsdewatt
Finnish EPR: Helsinki grants TVO the license to operate

AFP the 07 mar 2019

The Finnish government announced Thursday that it has granted TVO the license to operate the EPR reactor, built by Areva, after obtaining approval from the country's Nuclear Safety Authority.

The government "grants an operating license for the new OL3 EPR reactor (operated by) Teollisuuden Voima Oyj [TVO] in Olkiluoto, in the territory of the municipality of Eurajoki", in the southwest of the country, a statement said.

"The license is valid until the end of 2038", he adds.

The EPR reactor, built by the French company Areva and German Siemens since 2005, has experienced many delays. The shipment of nuclear fuel is now scheduled for June 2019, with ten years behind the original schedule, according to the latest schedule announced in November 2018.

The February 25, the Finnish Nuclear Safety Authority, the Stuk, announced that it was giving the go-ahead for commissioning of the reactor, provided that a problem of vibration in part of the primary circuit (the pressurizer outlet piping).

This problem was identified during testing and TVO has already indicated that it will make changes to fix it. ... ion-190307

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published: 10/03/19, 14:48
by moinsdewatt
Fuel loading at Shin Kori 4 reactor.
2 other units are under construction on the same site.

Fuel loading underway at South Korean reactor
11 February 2019

A ceremony has been held to mark the loading of the first fuel into unit 4 at South Korea's Shin Kori nuclear power plant. The country's nuclear regulator gave Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) permission to start up the APR1400 unit on 1 February.
Construction of two further 1350 MWe APR1400 pressurized water reactors at Shin Kori - 5 and 6 units - began in April 2017 and September 2018, respectively. Unit 5 is scheduled to begin with 2022, with 6 following one year later. Two further APR1400 units are under construction in South Korea as 1 and 2 units of the Shin Hanul site. ... an-reactor

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published: 10/03/19, 14:49
by moinsdewatt
The fourth AP1000 reactor goes into operation. In China has Haiyang.

China's fourth Westinghouse-designed nuclear reactor operations

SHANGHAI, Jan 11 (Reuters)

China's fourth Westinghouse-designed AP1000 reactor went into full operation after a trial run this week, the operator said, marking the completion of the first phase of the project after years of delays.

China signed a deal with the US firm in 2007 to build four reactors, hoping to create a platform for Beijing's ambitious nuclear power expansion plans, but the roll-out of the third-generation technology has been needed by safety concerns and design problems.

The second unit of the Haiyang nuclear power project on the eastern coast of China's Shandong province is now ready to go into full operation after 168 hours of full-load operations, China's State Power Investment Corp. said in statement on Thursday.

China put the world's first AP1000 into operation at Sanmen in Zhejiang province last September, four years later than originally scheduled. Two more went into operation at Sanmen and Haiyang later in the year.

The AP1000 is designed by US-based Westinghouse, which was acquired by Brookfield Business Partners from Japan's Toshiba last August following bankruptcy restructuring.

The completion of the project is China's total nuclear capacity up to 45 gigawatts, with 46 reactor units in operation throughout the country. Nuclear makes up about 2.5 percent of the country's generation capacity.

China has scaled back the pace of new reactor approvals 2020 58 30 gigawatts of working capacity XNUMX gigawatts under construction.

At the government's annual energy meeting in December, officials made no commitment to building and building new projects in 2019, saying only that projects would be "pushed forward in an orderly manner". ... KL3N1ZB1AF

Image ... -operation

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published: 10/03/19, 21:15
by Sylvester spiritus
This little prophetic piece as a reaction:

There are other solutions to implement but the eager flock to consume has become blind ...

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published: 10/03/19, 22:23
by Leo Maximus
And especially Taishan 1 works ... It was connected to the network in December.

And the second Taishan 2 EPR is expected to come into service later this year.

Nuclear power is not about to stop.

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published: 14/04/19, 22:43
by moinsdewatt
Continuation of this post of 1er January 2019 ... 0#p2278030

In Tianwan Rosatom builds its reactors to the chain:

Russia & China sign agreement on construction of 2 power units at Tianwan nuclear power plant

Published time: 17 Mar, 2019

The Tianwan NPP © Rosatom

The Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), the biggest joint NPP project between the two countries, is one of the largest nuclear power plants in the world.
The document was signed by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and Russian Rosatom's engineering division in Beijing earlier this month. ... ant-units/

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published: 14/04/19, 23:57
by izentrop
The Russians are also growing ...
Leningrad II Unit 1 Crosses the 5 TWh in a Single Year
April 04th

The 1 power plant at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, Phase II, located in North-West Russia, has produced 5,7 terawatt hours of electricity since it was connected to the 9 network on March 2018, the state-owned Rosatom nuclear company announced yesterday. . The unit became the second VVER-1200 reactor to start after the 2016 launch of the Novovoronezh 6 unit.
The economic impact of the Leningrad II 1 unit, in the form of additional taxes on the consolidated budget of the Leningrad region, will be greater than 3 billion rubles (46 million dollars) per year, said Rosatom. The impact for the inhabitants of Sosnovy Bor is not only the employment, but also the low heating cost of 388 RUB per gigacalorie, he added.

The unit was synchronized with the 9 March 2018 network and then passed all necessary tests at different power levels, from 30% to 100%. In October 2018, it went into commercial operation and entered the capacity market from the beginning of this year.

Its quick start meant that the Leningrad nuclear power plant exceeded the 5,05 power generation plan of Rosatom's operating subsidiary, Rosatom by 2018% and made "a significant contribution" to its annual balance sheet, Rosatom said. This year, the national target of the Leningrad nuclear power plant is 28,3 TWh, which is 2% more than in 2018. Almost 30% of this target should be reached by the new unit, he said. added.

Located about 40 kilometers west of St. Petersburg, on the Gulf Coast of Finland, the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant is the largest nuclear power plant in Russia in terms of installed capacity, ie 4 200 MWe. It is also the only plant in the country with two types of reactors - RBMK-1000 and VVER-1200. ... ne-in-a-si
The 2 power plant at the Novovoronezh II nuclear power plant in south-west Russia yesterday started the physical launch process after receiving regulatory approval, Rosenergoatom, operating subsidiary of the Russian nuclear company, said. State Rosatom. The VVER-1200 reactor was brought back to the minimum controlled power the March 22.
"The actual values ​​of the physical neutron characteristics of the reactor core correspond to those of the design and so we can move on to the next step, the start of the energy," said Povarov.

This step consists in progressively increasing the reactor power from 1% to 35-40% in several steps. Rosenergoatom said that this level of power allows the connection of the turbogenerator to the grid and the start of electricity production, scheduled for next month. Then there will be the long process of increasing the power level to 100%. The commissioning of the unit is planned before the end of the year.

Novovoronezh II-2 will be the third VVER-1200 to be put into service, after Novovoronezh II-1 and Leningrad II-1, launched respectively in 2016 and 2017. ... for-launch

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published: 03/05/19, 13:39
by moinsdewatt

Nuclear: the fuel was loaded into the Taishan 2 EPR in China

AFP published the 02 May 2019

The nuclear fuel was loaded in mid-April into the Taishan 2 EPR reactor, under development in China, EDF CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy announced Thursday. "The first reactor (of Taishan) is working perfectly well. The second reactor is in the ramp-up phase, the fuel was loaded there in mid-April," he told the Senate Economic Affairs Committee. .

Taishan 1, in southern China, was the first - and for now the only - next generation EPR reactor in the world to start up and be commissioned commercially. Taishan 2 has yet to get underway with its first chain reactions before it is connected to the grid and its commercial commissioning is expected before the end of the year.

EDF is a shareholder for 30% of the joint venture responsible for building and operating the reactors. The Chinese groups CGN and Yuedian have respective holdings of 51% and 19%.

Other EPRs have been under construction for a longer time in Flamanville (Manche) for EDF and in Finland for Areva SA, but these projects have experienced significant delays and additional costs.

EDF is also working on a future “optimized” EPR which would be less expensive. "Our goal is to be able to give those who choose nuclear power a choice that is at the same price as gas-fired power stations but obviously with a completely independent nuclear power for sixty years and not producing carbon", said Jean-Bernard Lévy in front of senators. He estimated that electricity could be produced at "a cost of 65 to 70 euros per megawatt hour".

The French government wants to have by mid-2021 information necessary to decide to build eventually new EPR in France. ... ine-190502

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published: 04/05/19, 15:08
by moinsdewatt
Continuation of this post from 13 March 2016 ... 79#p387679

In Bangladesh the site of the first nuclear power plant is advancing, the German Thyssenkrupp supplied huge foundation pile, 37 m long.

First nuclear power plant in Bangladesh

By Andy Brown3 May 2019

Thyssenkrupp Infrastructure GmbH is supplying key materials, engineering equipment and components for the foundations of the first nuclear power plant in Bangladesh.

In Ruppur, approximately 180km west of the capital Dhaka, the first national nuclear power plant in Bangladesh from 2023. Ruppur was selected for its proximity to the Padma River, which will supply the cooling water for the planned power plant.
..... ... 21.article

Re: Nuclear continues in the world

published: 10/06/19, 14:16
by moinsdewatt
Contract signature for two Russian Reactors of 1200 MW more for China.

China and Russia sign general contract for two Xudabao units

06 June 2019

The general contract for Russian-designed VVER-1200 reactors for units 3 & 4 of the Xudabao nuclear power plant in China's Liaoning province was signed yesterday in Moscow in the presence of the countries' heads of state.

The contract was signed by representatives of Rosatom's engineering subsidiary ASE and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

In June last year, Russia and China signed four agreements, for the construction of two VVER-1200 reactors as 7 units and 8 of the Tianwan plant. In addition, two VVER-1200 units are being constructed at the new Xudabao site.

Alexey Likhachov, general director of the Russian state nuclear corporation, said: "Today, we have moved a Russian-designed NPP construction project on a new site to the practical stage of its implementation. Taking into account the previously signed contract for the Tianwan NPP , together with our Сhinese partners we will build four of the latest Generation 3+ power units by 2028. "

In March the general contract for the construction of the Tianwan nuclear power plant in Jiangsu province was signed. In addition, a technical design contract has been signed for a second pair of reactors for Xudabao.

The Xudabao project was originally expected to include six Chinese-designed CAP1000 reactors, with 1 and 2 units in the first phase. Site preparation began in November 2010. The National Development and Reform Commission gave its approval for the project in January 2011. China's National Nuclear Safety Administration announces its approval for Xudabao units 1 and 2 in April 2014.

Rosatom said it expects to commission Tianwan units 7 and 8 in 2026-2027 and Xudabao units 3 and 4 in 2027-2028. ... for-two-Xu