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Operation of a nuclear power plant (with Jammy)

published: 12/12/11, 18:37
by Christophe
Entire episode of "C'est pas sorcier" on the operation of a nuclear power plant: ... -4392.html or directly on youtube:

"It's not rocket science" is like "The bottom of the cards" or "C in the air": it should be compulsory viewing at school (primary / college depending on the episodes and program ...) ... although "C dans l'air" has certain episodes that are a bit touting (pipolitic style)

It often happens to me to learn things at a technical level in "C pas sorcier" despite an engineering training ... which age group is "C pas sorcier" for? : Cheesy:

In short this issue should reassure people ... or not ... In any case it should be viewed by all! I think a lot of activists do not know the basic operation of a nuclear power plant.

Found by Remundo here post218960.html # 218960

published: 12/12/11, 18:40
by dedeleco
Totally agree !!
But do before Fukushima where we did not know the released H2 and the recombiners H2 O2, shown by it is not It is not Sorcier, well before Fukushima !!
They take information from researchers and specialized technicians.
So they give the impression that Fukushima is impossible in France with explosion of H2 !!

The essential to make recite to each French before voting !!
By adding !!
in France we already have grazed the fusion of reactor cores (miracle), we hide the dead of Chernobyl (in it's not rocket science) and are you ready to evacuate an entire region(like yours) overnight to do not go back for centuries, are you ready to live, breathe, eat in the perpetual radioactive all around, which is inevitable sooner or later in France, Parts and accessories men can not be infallible perpetually, believing the catastrophes impossible at home, and possible elsewhere!

published: 12/12/11, 22:02
by dedeleco
At this moment, on A3, it's not Sorcerer, have made a beautiful omelette to show the chance to break 2 eggs against each other, mechanical break that can only be done on an egg, the first which gives way, with a microdefect and the chance of the chaos of the vibrations of the shock, and the fact that the one who does not break is no longer enough force instantly.
It is the same coincidence as for earthquakes where nuclear disasters like Fukushima or the future in France, sooner or later, inevitable, since we humans are not infallible in perpetuity, any more than the Japanese.

They did not say that the basic properties of superconductors:
reversible thermodynamic state by phase transition of minimum energy with zero electrical resistance, and which therefore by cooling in a magnetic field creates an electric current induced by the spontaneous field to repel the magnetic field (Meissner effect), and have the state of minimum energy.
I do not like this kind of show, because nothing essential to understand, is said! and that sometimes took decades to establish.

Also, given these varied and verified properties of superconductors and magnets, which conserve energy, it is almost impossible that there is a magnetic motor that does not conserve energy!

published: 12/12/11, 22:14
by Christophe
Dede just invented the superconducting egg?

Nan seriously dede, it's been a few days that we really struggling to follow some of your messages, especially your transitions, you go from cock to ass ...

Uh you take medicine or ??? : Shock:

Otherwise the nuclear waste was the subject of another episode of it's not rocket science: ... e-dechets/

ps: the concrete of the BR would be tested under 5 bars according to the 1st episode? It seems enormous to me (calculate the resulting force given the application surface, enormous!) Or is it 5 bars sequential (= "by small surfaces put under pressure?) ??

published: 13/12/11, 00:46
by dedeleco
The show went from cock to ass and just read the links put, to complete the missing explanations, the show and my cock to the ass too fast, I will not do a detailed course of quantum mechanics superconductors, 100 years of research, not finished.

the BR concrete would be tested under 5 bars

is, what nuclear claims (formerly 3 Memory Bars) are about new reactors.
I do not think they had fun testing (farting an enclosure so huge, we will not have fun), but it is that computer calculations of the structure of concrete scrap and thick, and tests on models I think, as for any big work of art.
but at 50tonnes per m2, 200m2 arrive at 10000tonnes and therefore possible to resist, as boats are raised over 10000 tons.

Ask Areva who still makes, through google, on this spot, advertising on econology by hiring !!! yes!!!

published: 13/12/11, 09:54
by Christophe
It is this resulting force that makes it almost impossible to test the BR under pressure in full!

A BR is much more than 200m² surface ...
(They talked about the BR concrete and not the reactor vessel ...)

published: 13/12/11, 11:20
by Remundo
it must be said that 1 differential pressure bar is 10 N / cm²

equivalent to the weight of 1 kg / cm²

If the pressure is 5 bar in the enclosure and 1 bar in the atmosphere, each m² of wall undergoes a weight equivalent to 40 000 kg, because 1 m² = 10 000 cm² ...

On a wall of 1000 m² (square of 32 m), we go from 40 Tons to 40 000 Tons... no wonder the hat jumps ... So in fact, there are valves that release the pressure, but often it crack ...

published: 13/12/11, 13:28
by dedeleco
We make 100000 boats solid tons that hold, and so it can resist in principle if quite thick, full of scrap with a good concrete not too old.

The only problem is that the pressure can exceed 5 bars per release or locally explosion!

At Three Miles Island, the miracle was not to have an explosion of the H2 and if it had exploded, everything would have jumped, with more than 5Bars locally, breaking everything.

published: 13/12/11, 13:42
by Christophe
Yes, Remundo but the question that arises is just to know if the concrete of the BR is put totally under 5 bars, i.e. the entire building presurized (something that would greatly surprise me given the constraints therefore It must be done in small parts with a kind of "robot sucker") ...

It was not clear in it's not rocket science ... that's it!

published: 13/12/11, 13:52
by dedeleco
If the gas volume is multiplied by 5 in a few seconds not too fast in a clearance, the pressure will be uniform.
But if it explodes, as in Japan in less than a millisecond, then it will fart, whatever the enclosure, with force worse than in Japan, since there will be stronger blockage before rupture.

The scandal is that it did not have a recombiner of H2-O2 in Japan, whereas the French power station vised by It is not Sorcier, had this recombiner, well before Fukushima !!!

The question is, is this recombiner quite efficient, fast enough ??? without overheating? and make farting.
The question is always have you thought of everything ???
NO, humanly impossible.