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Fukushima: information and report on the nuclear accident

published: 08/04/11, 10:54
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Here is a very detailed report on the Fukushima accident. Take the time to take a oeuil is well explained. :D

On this post, you limit the questions you ask yourself after reading this doc. To fight on nuclear power, there are enough posts.

The is just information, no judgment please.
: Evil:

published: 08/04/11, 12:00
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Addrelyn thank you,

a good chronological report: "A huge earthquake, a huge wave, we lost control, but there was smoke, we watered well. We continue, we are very vigilant"

It's boring, there are nowhere the words "corium", "melt", "fusion"

Finally, a good few things about merging some hearts.

Probably Did not talk too much about ... : Idea:

published: 08/04/11, 14:16
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Thufir Hawat is controlled by the Harkonnen with the information provided to it : Cheesy:

published: 11/04/11, 12:25
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published: 11/04/11, 12:36
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Interesting Addrelyn but to post in another topic right?

The media too are they? Here and there some voices rise to relativize the ongoing disaster in Fukushima 1. Some recall some truths sense. First, the number of deaths directly attributable to the release of radioactive particles is so far no. As for the economic damage they are very limited - compared to the overall impact of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 - even if they are part time. Second, we must recognize that other energy sources are much more dangerous than the atom.

The info is smack bang in this topic below: ... 10669.html

So yes, nuclear power is based on "human" deaths, the "cleanest" energy compared to kWh ... officially at least because the concern with the dead of nuclear power is, I think, we are far from counting correctly ...

When we see that in EdF ago prescription 10 years after the fact, inevitably there will be little death attributable to nuclear ...

Furthermore: must we die for this to be harmful to society? 10 suffer for years from a ca leukemia account how?

Not in the death toll in any case ...

published: 11/04/11, 12:47
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Too late for the subject.

Do you know how the dead are evaluated or diseases due to nuclear?

published: 11/04/11, 13:52
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Not by exactly because like the rest is on nuclear opacity, so obviously some fantasize ... You know the precise methods you?

What I know is that the requirement to 10 years arranges well Edf ...

We continue over there stp: ... 10669.html

published: 11/04/11, 14:59
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Science finds very recently that epigenetic harmful effects may go up to the sixth generation to the harmful effects:
Worse, chemicals and pollution, even radiation on animals act on 6 generations by epigenetic as shown with the distylbène for 3ième generation of men (not women!) (in today's health mag on A5) and also applies to the bisphenol, famines and other environmental suffering, varied! !,

published: 27/11/11, 17:27
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An interesting report from IRSN on the formation of the corium and its penetration through the concrete slabs dice or even in the ground.

published: 27/11/11, 22:45
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Although this mini story, reassuring as it should :) : Mrgreen:

For the volatile iodine, a story that drags on econo (RAS can be nuclear? ... -4285.html ou ... t7513.html ) spoke of the (badly done) "coating" work on concrete ... it is probably for this reason that they were done (a posteriori)

ps: ah 3 years 5 years of preparation and analysis for each test ... Are 20 of tests done ... it makes a year of research package! Included in the cost of nuclear power or not?