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Chernobyl balance sheet, cost, maps and contamination (France)

published: 01/04/11, 20:02
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Given the news in Fukushima (it does not work out, follow here: ... 10579.html ) and French concerns about nuclear, here are the maps of the radioactive contamination of Chernobyl in France and Europe and an estimate of the economic cost of the Chernobyl disaster.

The cloud (other more accurate maps exist but it is not the subject of the subject)

Contamination in Europe


Contamination in France


The 4 reactor


The liquidators' medal


Estimation of the economic cost of Chernobyl

Source: ... 9-160.html

Christophe wrote:Here's an interesting article that tried to estimate the cost of the Chernobyl disaster, and as expected, it's tricky: ... obyl.shtml


socio-economic consequences

To assess the cost of the Chernobyl disaster, we must consider:
- direct damage and repair and rehabilitation costs: construction of a concrete sarcophagus around the damaged reactor, cleaning of the site, landfilling of waste and the most contaminated land, evacuation of a town of 50 000 inhabitants and construction of an equivalent city to relocate the inhabitants, relocation of the inhabitants of the hundreds of evacuated villages, monitoring of the radioactivity,
- indirect expenditure: compensation, victim care,
- the losses of agricultural, forestry and industrial production (including the production of electricity from the Chernobyl power plant permanently closed in 2000).

● As far as she is concerned, Belarus evaluates the total cost of the disaster on 30 years to 235 billion dollars. She dedicated 22,3% of her budget in 1991 and 6,1% in 2002. As an indirect consequence of the disaster, some analysts believe that the need to establish a genuine war economy is one of the causes of the installation of authoritarian rule in Belarus.

Ukraine, for its part, gives a range of 175 to 200 billions of dollars and allocated 25% of its budget to Chernobyl in 1991 (3,4% today). But these figures do not include the loss of life or the loss of production of invalids (65 000 liquidators).
For example, according to the Act on the status and social protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster, about 7% of the Ukrainian population is concerned, that is:
-165 000 residents evacuated areas
-253 000 liquidators
-643 000 children of liquidators

● Russia, for its part, has not published precise accounts.

However, spending added three countries certainly exceed 500 billion.
The payment of compensation to victims is the most burdensome for the three countries. Seven million people currently receive allowances related to Chernobyl.
However, the tax burden is being quickly proved unbearable for transition countries experiencing a drop in their standard of living, the authorities have failed to reassess disability pensions and other allowances, so that the amounts received individually become relatively paltry.

In conclusion, the real cost and the environmental and health consequences of the Chernobyl disaster will probably never be known in their entirety.


In addition, it is always difficult to quantify the human cost (and biological in the broad sense ...)

I reasonably think we can go on 500 to 1000 billion for the direct and indirect costs of Chernobyl ...

And a very hot reminder of topicality: Yesterday the trial "of the Chernobyl cloud" dismissed the "negationism" of the cloud in France by the French officials at the time, which therefore remains "unpunished": ... 87322.html ... nt-a-paris

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And see absolutely THE documentary the Battle of Cherno: ... 10595.html

published: 04/04/11, 20:07
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published: 05/04/11, 07:30
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Hi Christopher,
I have no confidence in these cards:
Example: we see that Poland was + - spared, out, according to a direct witness (my wife), all the Polish children received at the time, iodine pellets .. Why?
East Germany ... more or less spared, out, the customs officers responsible for cleaning the trucks during the passage to the west, are almost all dead ...
Finally, I'm color-blind, maybe I can not see the colors of these cards

published: 06/04/11, 12:41
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Ah yes ... may not be easy to see but I hope you're not deaf because on this card there is sound: : Mrgreen: ...

JT FR2 of 4 days after the accident !!

Distressing! But let's stay zen ... not good for our hearts ...

other TV archives about Chernobyl of the INA

published: 06/04/11, 14:16
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may have already appeared in another trick
(clogging the leak ok) ... 4-517.html

published: 06/04/11, 14:17
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Gourage of subject, put the message here: ... 10579.html

published: 21/04/11, 08:36
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lejustemilieu wrote:
Chernobyl has caused cancer in Belgium, announces a specialist in endocrine glands at Mont-Godinne Hospital, Dr. Luc Michel. ... id=5973493

Chernobyl has caused cancer in Belgium, announces a specialist in endocrine glands at Mont-Godinne Hospital, Dr. Luc Michel.

The 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster also recalls those days when Belgium was flown over by the radioactive cloud, Friday 2 and Saturday 3 May 1986. It was a beautiful weekend, fortunately without rain. For all that, has Belgium been totally spared, as has been said? This is not the opinion of Luc Michel, surgeon at the University Hospital of Mont-Godinne. From 1986 to 1999, Professor Luc Michel operates more 1700 adult thyroids including 101 cancers 6%. Over the same period, it operates 30 children including 10 cancers, ie 33%.

This increase in thyroid cancer, normally exceptional in children, is obvious to him in the early nineties, as in Belarus. The cause may be the radioactive iodine 131 that the cloud deposits in our regions. The contamination has certainly been low. But the surgeon gets a low-profile MRI report that identifies important traces of radioactive iodine in its tags at the time of the passage of the cloud. In short, the correlation seems reasonably established, even if the figures are limited.

The Belgian cancer register was practically at the time in a calamitous state. Several other surgeons in other hospitals make similar partial findings but no one is doing the synthesis. This allows to evacuate the question that will never be seriously discussed in Belgium.

Even if we could do little on those days, we could at least have warned parents of young children that they do not go out too much. And then after, organize a much stricter medical check of the thyroid during school exams. This would have made it possible to identify and better treat these cancers at an earlier stage.

One of the best Belarusian scientists, Mikhail Malko, in his 2050 projections, quotes from 140 to 240 thyroid cancer attributable to Chernobyl in Belgium. For 3 most affected countries, Belarus (Belarus), Ukraine and Russia, it has the 66 000 prognosis. There are already more than 15 000 today.


To find out more: Marc Molitor "Chernobyl, past denial, future threat", published by Racine.

published: 21/04/11, 09:31
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A review of Chernobil, 25 years later. ... nobyl.html
It's worth looking at ..
And to say that there is still 32% of Japs, who trust in eternal fire ...

published: 25/04/11, 21:01
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Let's have a thought for Chernobyl, tomorrow is the 25ieme anniversaire!

Tonight the Belgian 3 broadcasts:

Chernobyl 4 Ever

[The Three] Today at 21h05

(Chernobyl Forever, 2011, BEL, FRA)


For many young Ukrainians, the story of the nuclear cataclysm that hit their country is reduced to the virtual world. It is behind a computer screen, at the controls of the video game "Stalker", that they face the multiple dangers and damage caused by the explosion of the 4 reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the 26 April 1986. From computer-generated footage, based on the cross-testimonies of Chernobyl children - who are at the age of disaster - and their elders, the director wonders about the screed that seems to be imposed in Ukraine. The former Soviet Republic carries, however still today, the stigmata of the accident.

published: 25/04/11, 21:25
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