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Two Renault 21 doped water

published: 10/04/10, 13:26
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Go take a tour of the latest news on Quanthomme, one car is equipped with a "home" reactor and the other with a Hypnow reactor. Consumption data for a journey of several thousand km with photos of the trip. Interesting.

published: 11/04/10, 23:10
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published: 11/04/10, 23:38
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? Do not understand the problem: you can post right?

Send the link to quanthomme :)

Re: Two Renault 21 doped with water

published: 12/04/10, 00:14
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published: 12/04/10, 00:20
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Superb report Image !

It makes you want to travel !!

published: 16/04/10, 17:16
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Nice report with photos in a holiday decor.
By reading all the consumption of two different assemblies, we see that two reactors of completely different design, gives approximately the same result.
That they opted for a large bubbler heated with water, which is simple to operate (when the space available allows it)
just add water occasionally. No level control
There is little problem with these long journeys, but on short journeys it takes a little longer to operate, although some systems are below 15 km the system is not particularly efficient in the cold seasons.
That water consumption is not proportional to the economy
That the consumption varies according to the state of the course, it is not necessarily a constant load, a flat ground, which give the best results (It is on a course, small hills that I obtained the best results )
The consumption measurements are variable, therefore difficult to take into account, a slight variation in consumption when making a modification, which means that you have to repeat the same journey several times, for confirmation.
Let the atmospheric engine benefit more from water doping
than the turbo (although if we could bring the reactor outlet on the turbo pressure side?)
Overall I arrive at the same, finding that in their test
which is variable depending on the route of the weather road
night driving ect ..
I wonder if there is a way to make a big improvement of the assembly, without having instruments of precision measurements.
In reality after several years of use and thousands of km we are content to add water and take readings, consumption, water, diesel. when we go out 300km or more, we redo a specific verification with more precision.