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Builder / architect bioclimatic house in Burgundy

published: 01/11/10, 12:24
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I have friends who want to be built a bioclimatic house in Burgundy, you know a good builder architect in the corner. If not know where we can find / have a list.

published: 01/11/10, 13:39
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A bioclimatic house is designed especially with the support of a design office in thermal via dynamic simulations.

The energy info points have a list. Nothing says if they are competent, but it can be a starting point.

published: 01/11/10, 18:45
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There is fiabitat which provides plenty of useful and competent explanations to help you find your way around and is a research firm able to help you strongly and advise you in your vast project which is a very active and difficult research subject with many risks of errors and easy for lack of competence.

To understand and choose, read all the facts, econology and the various links, even in Germany, USA and the rest of the world.

published: 02/11/10, 10:07
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At Fiabitat, read also the excellent record on bioclimatism: ... atisme.php and the passive habitat page:

published: 02/11/10, 10:33
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Hello !

There is this association who has been working for a long time in the field of local construction / sustainable / renewable / high energy performance ... some experts (wood / raw earth / BE ...) are identified and known.

There is also the magazine
who is a precursor in the field.

Good project.


published: 02/11/10, 10:49
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See also 2 documents to download:

a) Guide eco-construction and bioclimatism

Very complete guide of 68 pages in .pdf on the ecoconstruction realized by the Regional Agency of the Environment in Lorraine, with the support of the Ademe and the Agency of the water.

b) Guide to Low Energy Housing

low energy consumption housing: recommendations guide and design assistance.

By Cabinet Olivier SIDLER, Consulting Engineers

The author is currently doing training, one of which took place a few days ago: ... 10013.html