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Summary summary on the water doping Gillier Pantone

published: 09/01/08, 14:52
by Christophe
Noting that the summary page of the wiki was not widely read (probably not put forward enough) I copied / pasted it and completed it in 2 separate articles on the site:

A) Synthesis of facts and results on the Gillier-Pantone process

B) Water injection in engines: synthesis of theses and hypotheses on the Gillier-Pantone process

I put everything that came to my mind but I was able to forget things so if a few charitable souls, knowing the "file" well enough, wanted to reread these 2 pages and make their remarks here that would be good. .. Thank you.

Summary summary on the water doping Gillier Pantone

published: 10/11/10, 18:03
by Verna

Another possibility of the beneficial effect of water in combustion gases, is that the particles of water in suspension, non-compressible, while air is, change first, the nature of the compression, then, that of the explosion.

If the compression is 10 during the explosion without water, with incompressible water in suspension, the compression will be 10 + the differential in the volume of water; then the water vaporizing during the explosion further adds to the volume occupied.


C. Verna