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Econologues or éconologistes? Political econology?

published: 27/10/08, 11:16
by Christophe
Do you feel more like an ecologist or ecologist, econologists or econolgists?

I propose, but we had already talked about it, to decide once and for all: by amalgamation between ecologist (politician) and ecologist (scientist), I would like us to define the 2 terms in the same way, namely:

a) The econologist: the "political (politicized?)" version of econology or even the "commercial" version ...

b) The econologist: the scientist who, in his reasoning, couples ecology with economy (and vice versa)

Le department of Seine Maritime has just made (September 18, 2008) a conference where ecolgists and econology are clearly cited: to download here: ... -3968.html here is the page:


How ?

The French have appropriated Sustainable Development by
practicing balance, personally and daily,
between economy and ecology

The French are investing in a new space for expression of
environmental awareness: consumption.

They fabricate ways of doing things that combine economy and
ecology without contradiction, seeking compromise
acceptable between "doing well" and satisfying their needs.

ECONOLOGY: Sustainable development practiced by

Thanks WHO? : Cheesy:

published: 27/10/08, 11:21
by Christophe
Besides this page, the document ... -3968.html contains a lot of interesting figures on French and the environment

published: 27/10/08, 15:23
by Remundo
Thank you Christophe for these links,

I know from your site that I am an expert econologist, it is written under my nickname, so it must be true! : Cheesy:

published: 27/10/08, 15:25
by Christophe
Yes my dear Remundo; on econology we are more scientific than ... pipolitiq ... political oops sorry ...

published: 27/10/08, 15:40
by Remundo
Are there ecopiponologists? : Lol:

It is the crossing of an econologist mom and a pipolitologist dad, or vice versa : Idea:

published: 27/10/08, 15:44
by gegyx
"Ogue" would be more scientific?
Me, it makes me think of catalog, oncologist ..

Yet "ist, it's not just pipeau ...
: Cheesy:

published: 27/10/08, 15:56
by Christophe
Remundo wrote:It is the crossing of an econologist mom and a pipolitologist dad, or vice versa : Idea:

Hihihiih boulé goes!
Uh, do you think there are already econologist moms?

published: 27/10/08, 15:59
by Former Oceano
In science the ogy, the ist and the cien fight.

We have the geologist, the oncologist.
We have the chemist, the biologist.
We have the physicist, the hydraulic engineer.

In war come to mix the soul and the aphe ...

Oceanologist / oceanographer

So econologist, econologist, econolocian, econolome, econologist.

I prefer personally as an econologist because:
Ecology -> Ecologist
Economy -> Economist.

Econology -> Econologist.

published: 27/10/08, 16:06
by Lietseu
Hello Christophe, hi Remondo and hello everyone!

For my part Christophe, the proposals seem to me to be quite suitable and reasonable.

But let's see a little further…

If econology is a first step towards a global awareness which would place man in his right place within nature, we would already be taking a gigantic step in the right direction…

But what could be the next step?
This will be the subject of a thread that I intend to launch soon, where it will be about our own development as "a human being" rather than as a "being a consumer".

With greetings from Lietseu :P

published: 27/10/08, 16:19
by Christophe
former oceanic wrote:Ecology -> Ecologist

Well no because there is also an ecologist:

ecologist is precisely the "political and media" variant ... of someone who is interested in the environment closely but also from afar or not at all, for example: "there are more and more builders of green car ... "...

The main questions for an ecologist when studying ecosystems are:

* how was the colonization of an arid land achieved?
* how did this evolution continue?
* is the current state stable?
* what are the relationships between the different elements of the system?

The ecologist is therefore a scientist ... pure and hard! Unlike the environmentalist who can be cooked with all sauces (especially now with greenwashing and so on ...)