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The 1ere bikers ride éconologues

published: 25/04/08, 21:44
by Christophe
Little memory of the very first ride between bikers econologists ... I let you guess with whom it was ... it should not be too hard to guess : Cheesy:


published: 26/04/08, 00:32
by Remundo
The little red motorcycle is that of Piglet :?: :P

published: 26/04/08, 00:45
by Christophe
Houla I know one who will be happy ... : Mrgreen:

published: 26/04/08, 00:59
by nlc
They deserve a small electric motor these bikes, right? :D

published: 26/04/08, 11:11
by Remundo
Christophe wrote:Houla I know one who will be happy ... : Mrgreen:

: Cry:
It is better that you say nothing if it is the one I also think about ... You will go see the forum on cereals all the good she thinks of me.

If I had known for the motorbike, I would have chosen another character from Winnie, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, and ... Eeyore. :D

published: 26/04/08, 11:27
by Christophe
I prefer not to interfere in your conflicts, I have had enough myself ... : Mrgreen:

published: 26/04/08, 11:38
by Flytox
The enigma of the moment is still knowing who is bourriquet?



published: 26/04/08, 11:42
by Christophe
Bouriquette you mean ... : Oops:

In any case, it was rather:


: Mrgreen:

published: 26/04/08, 11:45
by Remundo
Ah, I did not say anything, I give free rein to your deductions ... I would not allow myself elsewhere. :D

I understand that you are not taking sides, the least we can say is that Christine has character : Idea:

published: 26/04/08, 11:49
by Remundo
Ah ... now that you suggest it, I was a victim of his little side Tazinette ... :?: perhaps... 8)

Anyway, peace in your home :D