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[One other] Humor

published: 17/11/05, 15:35
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I am inaugurating the "humor" section, it's up to you to add some humorous things to it (remaining correct)

published: 17/11/05, 22:41
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Another story of "chicken"

January 2005
A letter from a motorist flashed 250 km / h on a stretch of road limited to 70 (in France):

"Your Honor, I have indeed seen the marking" 70 "in black circled in red on the panel without any other indication of units. You know that the law of July 4, 1837 makes the metric system compulsory in France and that the decree n ° 65-501 of May 3, 1961, modified (taken in application of European directives) defines as LEGAL BASIC UNITS the units of the international system (SI).

You can check all this on the government site: Now, in the SI system, the unit of length is the "meter" and the unit of time is the "second". It is therefore obvious that the LEGAL speed unit is then the METER PER SECOND. I cannot imagine for a second that the Ministry of the Interior does not apply the laws of the Republic. So 70 m / s corresponds exactly to 252 km / h. The police say I was clocked at 250 km / h and I do not dispute that. I was therefore 2 km / h under the authorized limit.

Thank you to take note, to give me my license and let me go.

With my best wishes"

published: 18/11/05, 15:20
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and one more

Study beer
Attention news that will scare more than one:
There are some days, quietly discussing when one of my friends exclaimed, "Hey guys, I read somewhere that there were female hormones in!
beer !!!! "As we like the experiences, we all decided to drink ten beers to verify its contention ...
After ten beers:
A) we all gained weight,
B) we talked a lot to say nothing,
C) we told more bullshit,
D) we could not drive properly,
E) it was impossible to hold a simple reasoning,
F) we refused stubbornly to acknowledge that we were wrong even when it was obvious,
G) and to top it all, we would pee every five minutes.
We think it is useless to push further tests ...
There are many female hormones in beer!

published: 18/11/05, 15:23
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I do not know if I can :?:

A Kosovar lands in France, all excited, it stops the first way:
- Hello, Mr. French, thank you welcome me in beautiful country to you ....
His interlocutor interrupts:
- J e'm not french, I am Arab.
The Kosovar apostrophe another way:
- Ah, thank you Mr. French, thank you for welcoming family and I stay here.
I t is interrupted before completing his sentence:
- I not french, me being Romanian.
The Kosovar apostrophe another way a little further:
- French Sir, I thank for hospitality, you ...
- I see you my friend I'm black! I am Malian, not French.
- But, says the Kosovar annoyed, then where are the French?
- The Malian looks at his watch and replied:
- Oh, at this hour, they work!

published: 18/11/05, 15:32
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Moué limit but it goes it goes again!

published: 18/11/05, 15:52
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this is not a story but a surprising google bug : Lol:

Quite what you'll see if you do a search for the word
FAIL on google.
But we must follow word by word the below instruction.

1- go on
2- type the word "Failure" = Failed (for those who do not understand
not the English
3- instead of click Google search; click on
I'm lucky
4- not sneer too high, here are the result of a failure.
5- circulate the word before the guys at Google will react
by regulating the problem !!!

published: 18/11/05, 15:58
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This is not a bug ... I read that it was a stroke of Google is obviously already know (but they do nothing may be that this does not interfere as ca : Lol: ...)

published: 19/11/05, 00:45
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That's still funny is that not once the word "failure" will appear in the page that Google returns us ...

: Lol:

published: 19/11/05, 15:28
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A shot of French hackers, exasperated by sending unsolicited bulk mail in order to support the president from one party to become president of a mess ...

Tap Google;
Nicolas Sarkozy
Web (this works too)

The first choice of Google, fell last week, the promotion of a famous film, somewhat autobiographical ...
(Currently, it is in second place ..)

published: 19/11/05, 15:31
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You mean this: ... as+Sarkozy ? :D

Iznogoud in 1ere position : Lol: