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ToolBarre econology

published: 04/11/05, 19:26
View Christophe
I am currently testing the implementation of a ToolBarre (= toolbar) customized for econology.

Here are the current functions that I have included:

- Direct links to the site + forum by 1 simple click
- search engine (internal or external to econo)
- anti popup (very useful for those who are not yet equipped)
- access to news RSS feeds (in other words direct access to the latest news on the site)
- messaging (you will receive messages from me on your bar)
- Chat (live dialogue with the users of the bar ... useful for fixing an appointment for example between the members of the forum ...)

Here are the "include" functions that I haven't found useful yet:
- scrolling message
- other "personalized" links
- possibility to listen to radio stations of your choice (list to be defined)
- HTML code in direct insertion

HS Service

I insist on the fact that everything is modifiable even if you have already downloaded the bar ... in other words: we can add new options or remove them without having to reinstall a new version from the bar. This is great and will allow us to set the bar with the best features together!

Here I would like your opinion on all this: what you think about it and what you would like to have more (or less)

If you like, I would suggest it on the site in order to facilitate the exchanges of the "econology" community

published: 04/11/05, 19:30
View nonoLeRobot
Chat is ball, news too

The I would like to change the logo so as not to reflect that the economy by inserting the yellow and round E on the earth of the same size.

For the symbol of forum, something more explicit (if you haven't found it, it's the earth)

here are my opinions what do you think?

published: 04/11/05, 19:40
View Christophe
There is the possibility of putting more "conceptual" logo I will give it a try ... don't move! :)

published: 04/11/05, 19:48
View Christine
The E is not very graceful, indeed. We will create others.

published: 04/11/05, 19:58
View Christophe
Well it's already updated ... restart your browser to see the joooooooooooli logo :)

published: 04/11/05, 21:21
View Former Oceano
Not bad, I like the possibility of having news and messaging quickly.

published: 05/11/05, 09:58
View Christophe
Yes I find these the 2 most useful functions.

By cons since I installed the bar, I hear a beep from the buzzer of my pc when I click on certain links and this randomly ... I do not like it too much ... Has anyone noticed the same thing ?

I just added the possibility of listening to a radio thanks to the bar. I have chosen some of the major French radio stations, but it is very likely that I forgot your favorite radio station, so please specify it here if I have omitted it. :)

published: 05/11/05, 13:59
View Former Oceano
Hi Christophe, I do not have this problem of beeping or buzzing.

I repeat myself, I like the access to this forum that I come to see once or twice a day. The radio is not bad (with the choice of France Info by default) on the other hand it's been several times that I click on it to stop it and it doesn't want to do it ...

published: 05/11/05, 15:19
View Christophe
Yes the same for stopping the radio ... weird but you have to insist (maybe click a little longer?) And it finally works ...
Otherwise the choice of radio seems good to you?

published: 05/11/05, 21:04
View Former Oceano
Right now yes, I think the info is important right now.

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