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Cars, buses, bicycles, electric airplanes: all electric transportation that exist. Conversion, engines and electric drives for transport ...
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by Elec » 02/02/09, 22:05

citro wrote: It is a good remark one can wonder if such an opacity in a sketch for didactic aim is not intended to achieve the opposite of what it is supposed to do ie to make understand the simplicity of the Plug-in series hybrid architecture (PHEV) for Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

If it were a WWF report, that would surprise me.
I find them very clear, very educational these 3 sketches ...
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by Christophe » 02/02/09, 23:19

+1 I have nothing to say with these diagrams except maybe the green hatching on the PHEV.

citro wrote:thanks to an on-board generator. This technology, which was marketed in France by Renault on the Kangoo ER (why did they sell only a few dozen in secret?) Allows consumption below 3 liters 100km.

Attention Targol also has an on-board generator!
We can see it very well:



citro wrote:In the same vein, I also bought the number of Sciences & Vie mentioned above as well as the number 1 of the new Eco-Car magazine and I made leaps.

We read a lot of commonplaces and absurdities including the following: "the electric car is reserved for urban use".

The car ... ecological? Suffice to say that Sarko is a communist ...

Pfff what we would not invent to sell ... so here is a little new in greenwashing and disinformation, after AUTO ORGANIC nothing really surprises me anymore :(

citro wrote:I was wondering if we should not create subjects to dismantle all the inconsistencies and absurdities propagated by these newspapers ...

Well, a good number of subjects do it indirectly and even directly for certain ... but the accusation and direct disassembly are delicate and above all we do not touch the same audience so the "damage" is done. In addition, we lack legitimacy (anyone can write anything on a forum: not in a paper magazine).

Remember Grumberg's reaction to the pantone article ... he didn't like our innuendos at all ...
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Grand Econologue
Grand Econologue
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by Elec » 03/02/09, 06:15

An even more educational flash animation than the WWF sketches about BEV, PHEV et HEV:

http://www.electricdrive.org (move the mouse over "INTERACTIV ELECTRIC DRIVE;))
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